15 Jan 2022  |   06:49am IST

OPCA in a complain alerts Olaulim Comunidade on land encroachment

Team Herald

PANJIM: The Olaulim-Pomburpa Citizens Association (OPCA) have complained to the Comunidade of Olaulim about an encroachment in the Comunidade land that they say is unchecked and could later become permanent if no action is taken.

The OPCA, which has raised this matter earlier too, has pointed out that there is an illegal construction of a crematorium shed being undertaken in Survey Number 5/0 of Olaulim village’s Comunidade land by the residents of the 20 Point Programme.

“This is illegal as there is no permission taken nor has the land been acquired by the government,” said OPCA in a statement issued to the media. 

They have also produced photographic proof of the shed that has been constructed. 

Incidentally, they allege that the shed was constructed just a few days after the death of the late attorney of Olaulim Comunidade Romuldo Pinto.

The OPCA has urged the President of Olaulim Comunidade to take the necessary legal action under the Goa Land Prohibition Act and demolish the shed immediately.