27 May 2023  |   06:18am IST

Old Market locals call on WRD, PWD to address water-logging issues ahead of monsoon

Last year, rain water entered residences and shops in the area; citizens want the waterways and gutters cleared of obstructions to prevent flooding

Team Herald

MARGAO: Residents and shopkeepers of Margao's Old Market area have requested the authorities, especially the Water Resources Department (WRD), to address the problem of water logging they face during every monsoon season.

While WRD engineers were called to carry out an inspection at the site, the locals have asked that a solution be found immediately so that they are spared of any inconvenience that would arise if the area gets flooded again.

“Last year, there was flooding in the Old Market area and water entered the houses of residents. We have asked the WRD officials to help find a solution so that this time the situation doesn't repeat itself.  The people living here had to face very grievous hardships last year,” added one local resident.

Locals added that all the waterways, canals and gutters have to be cleaned so that there is no blockage or debris that leads to the accumulation of rain water, which later spills on to the roads and causes further problems not just for them but also commuters who pass by that side. The PWD was also criticised for not clearing stones and other debris left in the storm water drains.


Iddhar Udhar