Herald: Open defecation rampant on Baina beach

Open defecation rampant on Baina beach

02 Nov 2018 05:44am IST
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02 Nov 2018 05:44am IST

The problem caused by the traditional fishermen results in rampant garbage

Team Herald

Vasco: The condition of the Baina beach at Vasco is not too different from the Kharewado beach. Open defecation here too is the order of the day. Surprisingly the huts of traditional fishermen who have been getting the sympathy of the authorities are responsible for the rampant garbage and defecation at the scenic Baina beach. 

It may be noted that with Air, Water, Road and Rail transport the Vasco town has the strongest advantage of earning a lot of revenue through tourism. However, there is no attention being paid to the condition of the important touristic spots of the town. 100's of men working at the canoes at Kharewado can be seen openly taking a dump at the beach and in the waters at Baina. The work of the Baina bridge has given created a camouflage for these workers. 

The pathetic site only gets worse as these workers who live in the huts are bathing in the open and throwing all the garbage on to the beach. Only a 60 or 70 meter stretch of the beach looks to be clean and by the end of the beach the condition is worse. 

When asked, the Chief Officer of MMC Agnelo Fernandes said "The police can help  stop this open defecation here. We are short of staff and can’t reach these places all the time" said Chief Officer. 

"We plan to construct more toilets to avoid these incidents" told Chief Officer Agnelo. 

The Coordinator of GoaCAN Roland Martins too has decided to take up the matter with the Deputy Collector of Mormugao. "There are issues of dysfunctional toilets, no willingness to pay to use and third no interest to use toilets at all. The issue needs to be looked into more intrinsically" said Roland. 

It is now time that the MLA's who are the representatives of the entire Mormugao Taluka too buckle up and stop this health hazard right away.


herald impact

The MMC has taken cognisance of the Herald report on Kharewado beach mess and has decided to write letters to the Canoe businessmen at Kharewado and also to the contractor of Baina bridge seeking reply on the degradation of the beach by open defecation. The Chief Officer Agnelo Fernandes said "As per law anything on the Beaches should be mandated  with some regulations by the Tourism Department. We are also undertaking cleaning of the Beaches on periodic basis in association with NGO and other institutions. We are trying our best to maintain the hygienic aspects to maintain the beaches clean" he said reacting to the Herald report. "My Sanitary Inspector will inspect it and report his findings. We will work on it. Open defecation should be stopped and Council is serious on it" he added.

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