Herald: Over 15 lakh kilo fish arrived through Polem in last seven days
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Over 15 lakh kilo fish arrived through Polem in last seven days

11 Aug 2018 05:29am IST
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11 Aug 2018 05:29am IST
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Fish stock is coming in from jetties in Mangalore as well as Kerala and they reach the state between 12 midnight and 3 am

Team Herald

CANACONA: With Goa government allowing the import of fish from other Indian States, the quantity of fish coming to Goa has seen an upward trend with more than 50 trucks each day coming into Goa through Polem border check post.

Most of this fish during this time of the year comes from Karnataka fishing jetties located at Mangalore, Udipi, Malpe, Honnawar, Ankola and Karwar; Kerala also is a major supplier of fish to Goa as apart from the huge market for fish in Goa there are at least six fish processing units in various industrial estates across Goa who store tonnes of fish under sub zero conditions during times when there is excess catch and the rate of the fish drops considerably. People in the know say that most of these units belong to businessmen from Udupi in South Karnataka. 

Except on the first day on which the temporary ban on import of fish from outside was lifted, all other days saw in excess of 50 insulated trucks carrying fish arriving through the Polem check post where the staff deputed by Food and Drugs Administration is having a tough time as most of this trucks reach between 12 midnight and 3 am and as the wholesale fish market at Margao opening at 3.30 am they have to rush creating a chaos like situation.

Enquiries revealed that a 10-tonne truck insulated to delay the melting of crushed ice carries about 160 plastic crates, each crate contains either 25 or 30 kgs of fish and remaining space in the crate is filled with crushed ice. 

Sources who are involved in fish business said that a 6-tyre 10 tonne truck carries around 4 tonnes of fish and on an average 2.5 lakh kgs of fish is entering Goa through Polem alone. With government notifying Patradevi as the second entry point for fish trucks and Goa itself being a coastal state, the average import and fish harvested by Goan fishermen is much more than the average per day consumption of around 2 lakh kgs. And the excess fish is repacked and sent to other states and factories located in Goa where it undergoes blast freezing to be sold during fish shortage especially during monsoon season.

Since the FDA detected formalin after they found traces of this chemical in fish at Margao wholesale market last month, the fish sale across Goa has dropped considerably with retailers being the most affected as the unsold fish start decaying and cannot be sold or consumed after it becomes stale. 

Fish consumers in the meantime have switched over to locally caught fish and with android phones coming handy to pass on information at lightning speed, Goans are lining up to buy fresh fish at various jetties where the fishermen selling directly to the buyer is a win-win situation in which the seller gets good rate for his catch and the buyer getting fresh unadulterated fish.

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