Herald: Over 200 locals come together to protect Ambulor Lake in Verna

Over 200 locals come together to protect Ambulor Lake in Verna

11 Feb 2019 05:01am IST
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11 Feb 2019 05:01am IST

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MARGAO: More than 200 people living around Ambulor Lake in Verna gathered near the lake to “protect” it from the “threat” of an illegal open air hall that is under construction.

Fulgenco, a local youth who had collected the documents, informed the people that the owner has taken licence for the house but a hall is being illegally constructed. 

He informed the people that during an inspection, BDO Madkaikar took the signatures two persons on a blank sheet and wrote that they accept the project. When someone saw and pointed it out to others, the BDO tore the paper and put it in his pocket. Fulgence also informed that before the project is ready, the sarpanch has granted trade licence for the hall.

Fr Savio, executive secretary of Social Justice and Peace, while addressing the crowd, said that nobody can give up the beauty and natural wealth that already exists in the village. “We should not give anyone to spoil this wealth or take it over from us,” he said. 

Local senior citizen Conceicao Abranches said, “Our ancestors had protected this lake and now we cannot allow it to be destroyed.”

This was reiterated by another senior citizen and farmer Natalin. She said that she has been using the waters of the lake to cultivate her fields with which she raised eight children. She requested the people to protect the lake. 

Lina Abranches highlighted the fact that there is no space to park cars. She said that the music will go on at night and affect the people and children living around. She said that the villagers have no issue if a house is built. 

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