Herald: Panjim Mayor and corporators stay firm on Bainguinim land
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Panjim Mayor and corporators stay firm on Bainguinim land

13 Sep 2017 05:31am IST
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13 Sep 2017 05:31am IST

CCP backs opposition to transfer of land with legal opinion; Wants tripartite agreement to protect its interests

Team Herald

PANJIM: The Corporation of City of Panjim (CCP) is now substantiating its opposition to handling over the Bainguinim land to the government with legal opinion that advises the execution of a conditional Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or tripartite agreement to protect the interest of the Corporation. 

The ruling Corporators, including Mayor Surendra Furtado, contested the decision of the cabinet approving the proposal of the Department of Urban Development to transfer the land to Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) for setting up an integrated waste management facility at the property. 

“We will not give the land. Let us (CCP and government) sit across the table and enter into a tripartite agreement between CCP, Goa government and GWMC,” Furtado said on Tuesday. 

He maintained that CCP does not oppose setting up of a garbage treatment plant at Bainguinim, but objects to the government’s intention of taking over the property. 

“It is a mere letter (referring to the communication of the department to the CCP). No plans from the government have come to us about the quantum of land GWMC requires, number of years it will take for the setting up of garbage facility, etc,” Furtado said appealing BJP Corporators to protect the CCP land.

“The CCP may execute MoU or agreement with the Goa government and GWMC incorporating the terms and conditions to protect interest of the CCP and to ensure that the facility will be set up in the land within a particular time and the waste from the jurisdiction of CCP, Taleigao and Old Goa panchayats shall be allowed to be treated on priority and that ownership right of the land shall remain with this Corporation…” reads an extract of the legal opinion by Advocate Pronoy Kamat. 

The counsel also mentioned that the land which is not utilised for integrated waste management shall remain with CCP to utilise for future needs. “It is advisable to execute MoU/agreement instead of lease deed. However, after examining the nature of setting up the facility and right to be given to GWMC and the terms and conditions, the decision can be taken by CCP,” it further states. 

The opposition, Furtado said, is also because the government fails to give an alternative site to CCP. He recalled that during the tenure of Ashok Naik the Corporation Mayor, the BJP-led government has “pleaded” to dump garbage generated from Mapusa at Curca land. However, the Mayor said, the entire North Goa district’s waste was dumped resulting in a complete mess. “The government did not even give another dumping site to CCP. We had no place to dump the garbage,” he said. 

Claiming CCP will support the government in its initiatives, he warned that the Chief Minister should not play politics. “I have full faith in CM and government,” he commented.

Speaking to Herald late Tuesday night, Panjim Mayor Surendra Furtado said that to safeguard the interest of the land, he is of the opinion that land can be transferred to the Goa government provided they sign an MoU or give an undertaking that the facility will be used for setting up for garbage treatment only. 

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