Herald: Greater protests, in great measure over greater parts of ‘Greater Panjim’

Greater protests, in great measure over greater parts of ‘Greater Panjim’

27 Feb 2018 06:05am IST

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27 Feb 2018 06:05am IST

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Curca, Siridao, Chimbel and counting join St Cruz to object to inclusion in Greater Panjim PDA; Three gram sabhas register a hat-trick of objections after St Cruz led the way

Village Panchayats surrounding the State’s capital that were included in the Greater Panjim Planning and Development Authority (GPPDA) are strongly opposing their inclusion. The movement started from the strong hold of its chairman Atanasio (Babush) Monseratte St Cruz village panchayat and has now spread to Curca-Bambolim-Talulim, Siridao-Palem and Chimbel village panchayat.

All the village panchayats have called special gram sabhas only to discuss the issue of inclusion of their village in the recently constituted GPPDA. All panchayats unanimouslyresolved to oppose and reject the inclusion of villages in the GPPDA. Not a single panch member of any panchayat has supported the inclusion of their village in PDA.

Last Sunday was a day of major developments where in one day neighbouring all three village panchayats in a special gram sabha strongly opposed to PDA.

All the panchayats have the similar ground for rejection. Villagers are more concerned over the conversion of land and the accompanying disaster of the nature of the villages under PDA. People have said that the formation of GPPDA is politically motivated and there is no interest of the villagers and the village.

All three villages have raised the issue of infrastructure, if high rise buildings come in the village then there will be rise in population that will affect the villagers. People said the present infrastructure is incapable of handling the load of existing population.

People have complained of a lack of water supply, fluctuating electricity supply, improper roads, garbage and sewerage issues as reasons which forced them to oppose the inclusion of their village in the PDA.

Mariano Arauzo, Sarpanch of St Cruz has said if Government was   adamant over the GPPDA then the reaction of the people could worsen.

“I am with the people, panchayat has already taken the resolution and conveyed to Government on several occasions that villagers don’t want the portion of village in the GPPDA. Now it is up to the Government to respect the sentiments of the people of St Cruz”, he said.

MLA of St Cruz, Antonio (Tony) Fernandes has also opposed the inclusion of portion of St Cruz and in protest he has even resigned as member from GPPDA and adopted to stay with the people rather than please Monseratte.

“I am with the people, we want to protect our nature, khazan land, lake and fields. Our village lacks of basis infrastructure since last three decades, we are already suffering and we don’t want to suffer more”, he said.

Chandrakant Kumkolkar, Sarpanch of village panchayat Chimbel has said that the people have opposed for inclusion of village in the GPPDA and panchayat has resolved to oppose the same.

“Panchayat is with the people’s decision and will be conveying the same to the Government. All members have supported the resolution”, he said.

Sarpanch of Curca-Bambolim-Talaulim village panchayat, Maria Leena Da Cunha said that villagers have expressed concern over the conservation of hills, fields and low-lying areas in the panchayat.

“We have resolved to stand with the villagers and oppose the inclusion of village in GPPDA. All 11 members are against the inclusion of village in GPPDA, we will make representation to Chief Minister and Town and Country Planning minister”, she said.  

The protest has not only remained in the St Cruz village but it has spread across surrounding villages, the villagers have played a major role in opposing the inclusion of villages in GPPDA. 
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