Herald: Illegal land filling: Authorities look the other way

Illegal land filling: Authorities look the other way

29 May 2018 05:12am IST
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29 May 2018 05:12am IST
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Cultivable fields besides the roads in Taleigao and St Cruz are being illegally filled with debris and raised to the level of the road; Constructions have come up on these filled-up areas with a sarpanch justifying that panchayat has not received complaints


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With rampant illegal land filling in the cultivable fields beside the roads in Taleigao and St Cruz has infuriated the farmers and locals alike. The concerned villagers have raised the issue and brought it up to the notice of the concerned authorities, however, the illegal dumping of debris is going unabated. 

The local authorities have maintained that there are no complaints received by the village panchayat and the sarpanch has even gone to the extent of stating he is unaware of such illegal filling and the fertile land being covered with debris and mud in the cultivable fields.

It has been noticed that in most of the corners of Taleigao and few in St Cruz that the road side fields are being raised by dumping heaps of construction debris and excavated mud. 

Some temporary and permanent structures have already been erected on these areas which have been filled up. Even some structures have been reportedly given on rent to operate the businesses. Some of these premises have been given to the labourers to reside in. 

The debris is still being filled on both sides of the road leading from Bhatlem to Taleigao. The heaps of mud and debris are clearly seen on both the sides of the road. People have even fenced the areas after raising the fields and bringing them to the road level and installed a gate. 

Bony Coutinho, a local, said that once upon a time the roads were created from the middle of the fields for the convenience of the public for the purpose of commuting and cutting short the distance to reach their destinations. Bruno says that dozens of structures have now come up by raising the fields to the level of the road. 

“It is a known fact that in Taleigao no one opposes the land filling because everyone who owns land besides the road want to raise the fields and construct some or other structure”, he said. 

In St Cruz the land filling is being noticed at Bandh which is a marshy and low lying area. The attempt to construct a structure failed after the panchayat initiated action following a complaint. Despite the fact, the dumping of debris and filling of low lying areas still continues. 

“I am completely against the land filling in Taleigao and that is mentioned in my election manifesto but people didn’t accept it. What can I do now? The way Taleigao is going in terms with such rampant illegality, I will only say disaster is not far. There will be every possibility of flooding in the near future due to the filling of fields”, said Dattaprasad Naik, from Taleigao.

Janu Rosario, Sarpanch of Taleigao said, “I am not aware of any illegal land filling as there is no complaint received by the panchayat against the filling”. 

Sarpanch of St Cruz village panchayat, Mariano Araujo said, “Whenever we receive any complaint we act on it. We will not allow filling of cultivable land”.

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