Herald: It’s the time for floods in Goa

It’s the time for floods in Goa

12 Jun 2018 05:23am IST
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12 Jun 2018 05:23am IST

During the monsoon, the residents of Panjim have to endure all the flooding and the filthy water that swirls through its streets. The CCP seem to be unable to handle the challenge


Despite the Corporation of the City of Panjim (CCP) cleaning the drains during the pre-monsoon works, the capital city continues to suffer from flooding.

Solutions for a capital city that is free of floods during the monsoons seem very distant, as Panjim year after year suffers from water clogging and inundation of roads. The only solution in the vision of those in power is to reconstruct the city’s drains in place of the decades old drains constructed during the Portuguese rule.

The heavy monsoon showers in the State for the past three days triggered familiar scenes as rains lashed several parts of the State capital, inconveniencing citizens and leading to traffic jams. Major roads, including the Dayanand Bandodkar Marg and 18th June Road, witnessed water logging.  

Reacting to the water-logging in several parts of the city, Panjim Mayor Vithal Chopdekar said the main reasons for the flooding could be the cross draining.

“As of now there are only two wards in which cleaning work is pending. Secondly, the capital city has numerous trees which shed leaves and the leaves clog the drains and then there are people who dispose plastic bottles and other waste thus blocking the path for the water to flow smoothly.”

He said, “This year there was delay in clearing of the drains as there was shortage of labour. We had received the circular and approval from DMA for taking in labour to clean the drains but the file was held up in CCP and plus there was shortage of labour. But now are working overtime.”

He further said another major reason for the drains to get blocked was all the plastic waste such as bags and bottles which clog the drains and in turn leads to flooding. 

The gushing water flowing down from the hills of Altinho and Taleigao brings mud and paper and plastic waste which choke the outlets of the drains into the river, leading to overflowing drains and inundation. 

Locals told Herald the main reason for flooding on 18th June Road was the failure of CCP to keep the drains clear of plastic and other garbage.

“The authorities should clean the age-old drains which are choked up. The CCP cleans the drains as a part of the pre-monsoon work but later the same problems occur because people just thrown away the bottles and other stuff on the roads.” said Mihir Joshi.

The people of Panjim are fed up with the flooding. Instead of just cleaning the drains before the monsoon, the CCP should carry out the cleaning on a regular basis feels Pratiksha Gaonkar.

“The tourists who visit the city throw plastic bottles into the drains which results in choking. There should be a strict check on such activities and fine should be imposed,” said resident.

While motorists drive through the flooded roads splashing water all over, the worst affected are the pedestrians forced to walk through the murky waters which at some places are as high as one and a half feet.

The state of Goa receives over 100 inches of rain per monsoon season and the CCP hasn’t been able to clean the main drains for the last 30-odd years. These drains were installed during the Portuguese regime in Goa. This kind of weak administration worries the residents of the city, especially those residing in low lying areas.

However, water-logging at Patto was a direct consequence of the ongoing work of the third Mandovi Bridge as the drains are blocked by sludge and mud, which then naturally gets transferred into the pipes along with the running rainwater.

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