Herald: St Cruz market road becomes one-way finally!
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St Cruz market road becomes one-way finally!

21 Nov 2017 04:34am IST

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21 Nov 2017 04:34am IST

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The resolution was passed three years ago but never implemented; Vendors sit along the roadside due to lack of a proper place

The St Cruz market road will soon be a one-way street after the panchayat and local MLA rigorously followed the matter with the government.

The resolution to this move was made by the St Cruz panchayat three years ago but was pending till date.

Since the issue was affecting the traders and the commuters at large, now the road from St Cruz Church square to end of the market is one-way street. The traffic coming from National Highway has to choose the adjacent roads on both sides of the market. 

Traffic Police have been posted at the peak time from morning till evening to handle the traffic. 

Sarpanch of St Cruz village panchayat Mariano Araujo said the two-way traffic in the market was creating traffic jams at the peak hours of the day and even chocking the main road near the junction. 

“Though the road is temporarily made one way on trial basis, the same would be continued as we have seen the situation has improved after implementing the same”, Araujo added. 

Increasing migratory population and improper planning in the past have kept the village undeveloped which just five minutes driving distance from the State’s capital. The village is facing major traffic problems due to narrow road that passes through the market area. 

Joaquim Fernandes, a local shopkeeper from St Cruz, said that the one way traffic should continue as people are also safe in market. 

“It was very chaotic situation before when vehicles were entering from both sides. Many times the visitors to the market have suffered injuries from vehicles. Since we don’t have a proper market complex the vendors choose to sit in open places besides the road,” Joaquim said.

The villagers face another major issue in the absence of proper market complex. At present all vegetable and fish vendors occupy the spaces besides the road as there is no other place to sit for them. 

Local MLA Antonio (Tony) Fernandes said that the land opposite to the village panchayat has been identified for the market complex but it is yet to be acquired. 

“I met Chief Minister in this regard as market for St Cruz is a need of the entire village. Shortly the procedure will be started”, Tony said. 

Sarpanch Araujo said the 14,000 sq mtrs area opposite panchayat ghar is enough for the market complex. The process is at a halt due to its acquisition.

The village panchayat has recently started the door-to-door garbage collection in the entire village and its disposal at the Saligao Waste Treatment Plant. The decongesting of the market is a second crucial decision taken in a short time.

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