Herald: The hazardous U-turn

The hazardous U-turn

29 May 2018 05:12am IST
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29 May 2018 05:12am IST

U-turns are created to help vehicles cross to the opposite lane; However, some of these are located at precarious spots, especially the one near the Old Secretariat


The traffic mess has been the order of the day at the Dayanand Bandodkar road which has been amplified due to the sudden U-turn before the old Secretariat. The traffic gets choked at this point and vehicles are brought to a halt up to the ferry point.

As Herald Team visited the spot during the peak hours, it was revealed that the situation would completely turn chaotic as vehicles, especially taxis after dropping the guests at the casinos, were seen taking a sudden U-turn thus affecting the smooth flow of traffic on both sides of the road.

The locals have raised their opinion saying that the turning space should either be closed or that the taxis should not be allowed to use the space due to their reckless driving while suggesting that taxis should go right up to the Divja circle.

Further the locals also claim that taxi drivers suddenly take the U-turn in maximum speed without first monitoring the incoming traffic. They claim that a disaster is on the anvil and that the traffic authorities should take a call before it is too late. 

“The sudden U-turn spot in the heart of the capital city is turning out to be a dangerous spot with vehicles specially taxis directly taking the U-turn without looking at the incoming traffic. The incoming vehicles are not able to see what lies in front due the sudden slight turn near the Old Secretariat and once they reach this spot they are in a different situation as they have to suddenly stop,” said Vivek Bhatekar.

Another resident Anirudha Bhaje, had this to say, “The traffic authorities should take a call on this immediately as a disaster is waiting to happen and now with the monsoon season approaching soon, it will be hell of a time for commuters who pass through this spot. The authorities should close this opening as the next opening that is near Divja Circle is not that far.” 

Locals speaking to Herald have also suggested setting up of traffic signals or at least traffic personnel on this particular stretch for the smooth flow of traffic.

More so, the concerned authorities City Corporation of Panaji and traffic police are displaying complete ignorance to the growing chaos right under their nose. One can visit the site anytime post 6 pm and can witness the scene, which is barely few metres away from the Ferry point where traffic cops stand to challan the traffic violators.

Meanwhile, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Dharmesh Angle said, “The stretch is kept open because there is no other opening till the Divja Circle and it will become an inconvenience for the commuters to go till the circle. If the stretch would be closed then the entire burden would shift to Divja circle.” 

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