Herald: And they go round and round

And they go round and round

26 Jun 2018 05:55am IST
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26 Jun 2018 05:55am IST

The ongoing work on the third Mandovi bridge has turned the KTC circle into a very confusing zone with commuters having to tackle frequent changes initiated by the authorities

Team Herald

The otherwise dangerous KTC Circle has turned out to a ‘confused zone’ for the commuters owing to frequent diversions and closing of lanes by the authorities in the wake of ongoing work of the third Mandovi Bridge. 

Herald has come across innumerable instances wherein motorists have lost their way while taking a turn around this circle. “We reach somewhere else! Our destination gets longer due to this confusion. The diversions change almost every day and we are left in the lurch. It is all the more difficult in these rains now,” Sanyogita Parab, a two-wheeler rider lamented. 

The change in route has troubled many others who now wait for the new Bridge’s completion. Those going towards the KTC bus stand are amongst many complaining about this problem. An employee at KTC premise Supriya Nanoskar echoed the same problem as that of Parab. 

Adding to the woes is the clogging of the drains, which some allege is due to filling of the construction debris. “The area is getting flooded during heavy showers. It becomes difficult to identify if the roads are good or there are potholes anywhere. Traveling by vehicle or even walking by this side is not easy. It is a dangerous situation we are into,” said another, a driver with a local KTC bus service.  

Herald tried contacting the officials concerned but none were available for comments. 

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