Herald: Forgery charge leveled against Councilor

Forgery charge leveled against Councilor

26 Jun 2018 05:55am IST
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26 Jun 2018 05:55am IST

A former commissioner accuses a sitting councilor of forging his signature on a document to issue a occupancy certificate


The ongoing police investigation against sitting councilor Uday Madkaikar in an alleged forgery of an occupancy certificate has once again exposed the affairs of the  Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP), which had remained controversial over the years. The case against Madkaikar and one Geeta Madkaikar from Bhatlem is been registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including cheating by the Panjim police. 

Former Commissioner Melvyn Vaz who exposed the forgery committed by the duo alleged the councilor Madkaikar had forged his signature on an occupancy certificate.  The issue came to light when a Panjim based lawyer Rajaram Das approached Vaz informing him that his signature had been forged to issue an occupancy certificate for a building. Das, through a registered post had sent the occupancy certificate and the letter supposedly signed by the Ex Commissioner. 

“When I verified the allegation, I realized that during the period mentioned on the forged documents, I was not the CCP’s commissioner. In fact I had declined to grant the occupancy certificate to Mrs Geeta,” said Vaz, who had then made a formal complaint to the CCP incumbent Commissioner IAS Ajit Roy. 

In his complaint, copy of which is with HERALD, Vaz had said that ‘I have to bring to your notice the fraud committed by Geeta N Madkaikar and Uday Madkaikar in connivance with one dealing hand in technical section and some councilors from CCP’. 

“I hereby declare and reiterate that these documents are fraud, forged and made -up documents, as I had declined to grant occupancy to Geeta Madkaikar, who to the best of my knowledge and belief is a fictitious person,” Vaz said in his letter. 

“Moreover, the documents are dated January 19, 2012 and December 11, 2012, when I was not the Commissioner of CCP on these dates,” he added. 

Vaz has also named one technical section staff, Deepak Satardekar in the forgery.  The occupancy certificate was issued in the name of Geeta N Madkaikar, attorney Uday Madkaikar, on January 19, 2012 for residential purpose. It was for the third floor, with total 347.71 sq mtrs area having six flats. The third floor construction itself was illegal and the same was exposed by one Shrikrishna Veluskar. The ex commissioner Elvis Gomes had in fact issued a show cause notice (copy of which is with HERALD) to the owner in November 2007, followed by stop work order. 

Throwing all the rules to the wind, the Madkaikar’s continued with the construction work, with the blessings of Uday, who became the councilor of the City Corporation. 

Despite several attempts Madkaikar remained unavailable for the comments. His phone was switched off for the entire day. 

Madkaikar, the close aid of former MLA Atanasio Monserrate, who is the uncrowned king of CCP, has been involved in a series of criminal cases, including the in-famous 2008 Panjim police station attack. In the 2011 market scam, the complainant had accused Madkaikar – currently CCP market committee chairman of taking around Rs 3 lakh for allotting a shop in the market but giving it away to another person. 

“The police is investigating the matter and we would not like to comment anything,” CCP Mayor Vithal Chopdekar said. 

As per police sources, the file pertaining to the entire communication is not traceable. During their two-day long raid, the police had found that the file had reached the ‘outward’ desk of technical section, but from there were it went, no one had any idea. 
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