Herald: These buildings ...can collapse

These buildings ...can collapse

26 Jun 2018 05:55am IST
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26 Jun 2018 05:55am IST

The heavy rains can cause walls to fall and the state of the dilapidated government quarters is matter of concern for its residents

Team Herald

Is the Goa government waiting for a calamity like the collapse of a wall in a South Mumbai Complex that followed owing to heavy rains in Mumbai? The question becomes pertinent particularly because not only is Goa experiencing heavy showers, there are also a large number of government quarters that are decaying. The authorities are paying no heed to this situation that requires urgent maintenance work. 

Herald has received photographs of complainants, who refused to divulge their identity as they are government employees, showing how bad these government buildings are in St Inez, Altinho and few other places. 

There have also been instances wherein the building slabs have collapsed resulting in  leakages through the walls, as a result of which the rooms gets flooded. 

Herald contacted PWD Minister Ramkrishna ‘Sudin’ Dhavlikar who denied receiving any complaints from occupants of government quarters in Panjim. “I have not received complaints from any occupants of government quarters either from Altinho, St Inez or Patto regarding poor state of the buildings/quarters. If there are any complaints, they should file a complaint wth the executive engineer (PWD) Div I or Div V. If these are not addressed, let the complaint be forwarded to my OSD, we will ensure the buildings/quarters are repaired,” the minister told Herald. 

As of now, complaints with the PWD are with regards to the government quarters at Rawalpond in Margao and police quarters in Porvorim while Dhavlikar said the government quarters at Fatorda are being reconstructed. He also stated that if the department finds the flats as ‘unfit,’ the allotments are halted till its repairs or maintenance. 
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