Herald: Parking fee for trucks now in Velim

Parking fee for trucks now in Velim

11 Aug 2018 05:29am IST
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11 Aug 2018 05:29am IST

The gram sabha passed a resolution instructing the panchayat to collect Rs 500 from each heavy truck from Cutbona jetty transporting fish

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CUNCOLIM: Velim panchayat has started collecting house parking fee from trucks coming to transport fish from Cutbona Jetty to their destination. This decision was initiated by the panchayat after the gramsabha passed a resolution in this regard. Based on gramsabha resolution panchayat Body decided to collect parking fees from fishing truck. Panchayat had asked quotations from contactors to collect this parking fees. It is told from sources that there was only one bid for the collection of Parking fees and panchayat has given this contact to collect parking fees for Sixty thousand Annually.

Gramsabha has instructed panchayat to collect Rs. 500 from each heavy truck and cranes so that they will generate revenue for development.

It is surprising to know how panchayat accepted the lowest bid of just sixty thousand? Velim people are finding it strange ans suspicious. It is k own from reliable sources the parking fee collected from first two days was more then thirty thousand rupees. Which means contractor will collect the panchayat amount within one week. 

If this logic and calculation is correct then it means there is something fishy in this contract locals are suspecting some dealing in this  matter.How come panchayat give contract at such low amount knowing how many trucks are entering at Jetty? Contractor is collecting parking fees from all trucks axcept the local trucks. On an average per day more then Hundred trucks enter in Cutbona for fish transportation. Secondly rule says their should be minimum three bidders . How panchayat accepted single bid? Locals are asking.

The crux of the controversy is  trucks are parked on the PWD road. Jetty belongs to Fisheries department so how can panchayat collect parking fees from trucks? According to panchayat act panchayat has no right or authority to collect such type of fees si it becomes illegal and this decision of panchayat can put panchayat in trouble.

Recently Netravali panchayat has started collecting entry fees from vehicles. Some NGOs made a complaint against Sarpanch and dysarpanch at Panchayat Directorates. Director of panchayat has initiated disqualification procidings against Netravali Sarpanch and Dysarpanch. This rule can also apply to Velim Panchayat.

Sarpanch Savio Dsilva  told Media that Panchayat has not done any thing wrong. Tbey are going ahead as per the gramsabha resolution. Villagers are facing lots of problems due to fishing jetty so it is the right of panchayat to collect revenue Savio said. We are ready to fight this issue at any leval. There is nothing fishy nor any controversy He said.

One of the MLA and Former Boat owner had wrote letter to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Fisheries department regarding this controversy. MLA is asking enquiry in this matter. MLA called Velim Panchayat act as illegal and bad in test. He said it's a big racket where in Panchayat on the name of parking fees want to loot Truck owners. 

Some locals and NGOs are also saying this act of panchayat is illegal. Panchayat will get just Sixty thousand were as others who are involved in this exercise will earn lot. There is suspicion in the minds of locals. Now local NGOs are Asking panchayat director to take cognisance of this controversy.
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