Herald: People verbally demand Hindu god statue at Vaddem Lake: MMC Chief

People verbally demand Hindu god statue at Vaddem Lake: MMC Chief

12 Jan 2019 05:26am IST
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12 Jan 2019 05:26am IST

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VASCO: The Chairperson of Mormugao Municipal Council and the consultant of Goa State Urban Development Authority (GSUDA) after inspecting the beautified Vaddem lake have asked the officials to throw open the new lake infrastructure for public. However, things are going to be complicated at the next Council meeting on Jan 14 as the likelihood of a demand for yet another statue possibly that of a Hindu god may come up for discussion.

Chairperson Kritesh said: "I am not denying that people are coming up to us and verbally demanding for a statue of a Hindu god installed here. However, just a verbal demand is not going to prompt the Council to process such a demand." 

The Chairperson, Kritesh Naik Gaunkar, decided to open the gates of the walking track to the general public. This inspection was held after the GSUDA sent back the plan of the lake beautification work for revision as the statue of St. Andrew was installed inside the lake and wasn't there in the previous plan. The revised plan will reportedly be placed before the Council soon.

Meanwhile the local MLA and Minister Mauvin Godinho said: "This is the handy work of some mischief mongers who are aiming at creating communal problems in the very harmonious area. But be rest assured that I will not allow any such hate communal tension mongering in the peaceful Vaddem area," he said.

Mauvin further added that Ganesh immersion has been happening in the lake for several years and he will make sure that it continues and improves even more.

While there may be different opinions on who owns the title of the lake there are no two ways that this Vaddem lake which has been an example of religious harmony is now seeing confluence of communal waters due to the political rivalries of Mormugao. 

Sources say that some of the Council members too are in a fray to place a demand for a Hindu God statue, probably a Ganesh statue at the Vaddem lake. The Chairperson said that he will have to allow if such discussion is demanded by the Council but has said that he is not assuring anybody of anything at this stage.

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