Herald: Dengue on the rise around the capital city
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Dengue on the rise around the capital city

29 Apr 2017 01:41am IST
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29 Apr 2017 01:41am IST

More than 90 samples from people suffering from fever have been sent for analysis and doctors are awaiting the report to confirm dengue. BASURI DESAI has the details

Dengue, a mosquito-borne tropical disease, has begun spreading in and around the capital city of Panjim. Health services are not confirming it, but initial analysis by doctors has confirmed that persons have fallen prey to this disease.

The dengue fever was first detected in Morgod Wado St Inez and later it spread in Taleigao. 

According to doctors, the dengue mosquito breed is found in clean water not in the unhygienic places. One reason for the outbreak may be because of water stored in tubs due to its scarcity where the mosquito of dengue breeds. 

However, Dr Pritam Naik, Health Officer of Panjim Health Centre, has said that two samples of Dengue suspected have been sent for conformation and the report is awaited. 

“Right now it is suspected to be dengue, we cannot say anything for the moment, unless the confirmed report arrives from the authorized laboratories”, she said. 

She further informed that 90 more samples from St Inez have been collected by the health officers and have sent for confirmation of mosquito borne diseases.  

According to health officers there are many construction sites and vacant houses in the Panjim where there is every possibility of mosquito breeding. 

“We have noticed many such buildings where there is not even an access to reach to the tanks installed on terraces, many of the tanks are even open where there is a possibility of breeding such mosquitoes”, Dr Pritam said. 

Time and again correspondence to the city municipality has fallen on deaf ears, according to health officers of Panjim.

“Whenever we find such places which are unhygienic and a number of migrants are residing where there is possibility of health issues, we also inform the municipality,” officers said. 

The classy example of breeding all kind of mosquitoes is seen at Morgod Wado in St Inez where the migrants have settled down more than 40 years back. Since then till now they are residing in a same unhygienic situation which falls in the jurisdiction of Corporation City of Panjim (CCP). 

On one hand the government, through Smart City mission, wants to regenerate and retrofit the Panjim city while on other hand the very pathetic living condition of the population displays very poor governance in the state and which has now led to spreading of dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria.

For last 15 days almost five ‘Dengue’ cases from St Inez have been admitted to a private hospital due to fever. 

Four members of Basilios family have been detected of Dengue and were admitted to a private hospital. Aldrin Basilio Soares, former corporator of CCP, has said that his two daughters, aunty and wife were having fever for several days, but it got detected once they were admitted in hospital. 

Soares informed that the area around his residence is surrounded by hutments which have settled down more than 40 year backs but there are no healthy conditions of living. 

Over 35 families are residing in the hutments at Morod Wado with the population of around 350 of which 100 are recently settled who are working in the nearby construction sites. Thirty-five families are residing there for the last 45 years, according to the locals. 

Some of the hutments are also settled on the banks of the St Inez creek. 

For last several years the migrants are residing in the same place without proper toilets. There are neither drains nor provision of sewage system. 

In the absence of all basic infrastructures for a healthy living, the people are using the open places for everything, including urination and defecation. 

Almost 100 minor children, including infants, are also residing in the same conditions. It is learnt that the migrants are also suffering from the fever but it has gone unchecked. 

Health officers are now up in arms and have been checking and monitoring the situation on a daily basis. 

A health officer informed that whenever required fuming has been carried out by the department. 

“We will be also writing to the CCP regarding the same condition at Morgod Wado which has accumulated since many years,” said a health officer.

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