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People’s solution

25 Mar 2017 06:56pm IST
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25 Mar 2017 06:56pm IST

Very often Herald readers offer very constructive suggestions and solutions to most burning issues, because they know better than even we do. Among the letters we have received, we found ELVIDIO MIRANDA’S solution based one, important to feature with this package. We have summarised his letter and adapted it in a point form.

The imminent threat that coal dust pollution is posing will only increase as Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) is going to become a major hub for handling of coal which the Adanis, Vedanta and the Jindals are going to import coal from Australia and Indonesia. The existing facilities at MPT for coal handling should not be expanded only for big companies.

Why should Goa be used as a conduit, MPT in particular, for the importing of coal when there are so many other ports in western coast of India that can be utilised to handle coal import? Goa is a small state and such huge facilities even as a transit should not be resorted to, resulting in the detriment of the people of Goa.

There should be stricter measures for eradicating coal dust pollution in the port city. At important points, big hoods with suction mechanism should be used near the silos and other strategic locations. Constant sprinkling of water should be done to settle the coal dust from getting into the atmosphere.

If coal is to be transported by trucks to outside the state then each and every truck filled with coal should be properly secured by covering them with tarpaulin that do not allow the particulate coal dust from getting into the atmosphere, causing pollution on the way.

Under no circumstances should the government of Goa allow expansion of coal handling facilities at MPT.

It is also very important that pollution control meters with alarms should be installed so as to give warnings that the level of coal dust pollution is beyond permissible limits.

As soon as the alarms are sounded, the capacity handling of coal should be decreased to control pollution levels within strict permissible limits.

Goa uses a fraction of the coal that is imported and thus the people of Vasco should not suffer at the cost of others.

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