Herald: Sudin Dhavalikar could force MGP to build back the bridge with BJP
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Sudin Dhavalikar could force MGP to build back the bridge with BJP

11 Mar 2017 02:40am IST
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11 Mar 2017 02:40am IST

MGP’s senior core committee members Deepak Dhavalikar and Lavoo Mamledar are against any patch-up with BJP, but it is Sudin who will have the last word; Deepak wants to ally with ‘like-minded’ parties while Sudin is open to ‘anyone’s support’. VRISHANK MAHATME attempts to tap into the internal mood of the MGP vis a vis their future political partners

Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) could emerge as the kingmaker post the counting of elections on Saturday as the party is expected to play an important role if the single largest party falls short in numbers in forming the new government.

However, sources have also confirmed that the MGP is very much looking at chances of re-aligning with the saffron party if it falls short of forming the government.

It is also revealed that most of the MGP core committee members including senior leaders like Lavoo Mamledar and Pandurang (Deepak) Dhavalikar don’t want an alliance with BJP but the decision of Ramkrishna (Sudin) Dhavalikar could be crucial and would be respected in the party.

Speaking to Herald, MGP General Secretary, Lavoo Mamledar said “I don’t feel any of our alliance partners will align with the BJP. The decision would be taken only after the results are out on March 11. The exit poll results are completely wrong and according to our study MGP will definitely win 9 seats and will be a crucial party in forming the government.”

Speaking on BJP, Lavoo further said, “Before we split with BJP, we had put a condition that they should announce their chief ministerial face in advance, prior to the polls, which they have failed to do.”

The other reason which might re-align MGP with BJP is that Ramkrishna Dhavalikar maintains a good relation with Union Minister for Transport, Nitin Gadkari and sources close to the MGP have also said that the lions may join back hands if Parrikar is back as the Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, MGP President, Pandurang (Deepak) has said indirectly hinting that they would rather prefer to have an alliance with like-minded parties once the election results are out.

Earlier, MGP had maintained its stand that the party would not align with the BJP after the elections even if the National party affects a change in the leadership stating that BJP in Goa has become so weak that they don’t trust their own candidates and have to get a leader from the centre.

As the voting was over on Feb 4, MGP was fully confident that it would be getting the majority and would also emerge as the single largest party and would form the next govt but as days passed and results are to be out the MGP has come down saying MGP would win a minimum 9 to a maximum 14 seats.

It maybe recalled that Sudin, in an interview to a daily, had said that he was open to taking any one’s support including the BJP. He qualified it by saying that he was not looking for support but “if anyone wants us, they should support us.”

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