11 Jun 2021  |   06:01am IST

Ponda Market majorly violates ongoing curfew

Ponda Market majorly violates ongoing curfew

Team Herald

PONDA: Around 70 per cent business, non-essential shops are normally operating in Ponda, violating openly the curfew is in force. 

Though curfew is extended till June 14 with allowing essential service shops to function till 3 pm, Ponda market was buzzing with customers shopping non-essential stuff including cloth, TV, mobile, electronic, furniture and auto accessories etc. 

Viraj Sapte social worker at Ponda said government is trying to break the chain following curfew, but if in this way it is violated than he questioned how the pandemic will be controlled. He said even some Bars are seen operating allowing customers inside. He said it is mockery of curfew.

Along with shops, a hotel was seen open at Ponda Market that was allowing customers inside and serving snacks and tea. Fish vendors were also seen selling fish outside fish market. Sources in Police said they are shutting down illegally operating shops but as police leaves the area they open their shops.

The government may have extended the State-wide curfew, but this decision has not prevented the ‘non-essential’ shop owners from keeping their premises shut in Ponda taluka too. 

Pondaites claim instead of allowing all shops at time, the shops selling non-essential goods should be allowed to operate twice or thrice a week in morning.