19 Sep 2023  |   05:56am IST

Power fluctuations damage electrical gadgets in Usgao

Power fluctuations damage electrical gadgets in Usgao

Team Herald

PONDA: Usgao locals were extremely upset on Thursday evening after sudden power fluctuations damaged electrical appliances of about 40 houses in Sainagar area. With the Ganesh Chaturthi barely 2 days away, the incident is bound to take an unexpected extra toll on the peoples’ pockets.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening at around 6 to 6:30 pm and appliances such as bulbs, fans, refrigerators, TVs , sound system were reported as damaged in the sudden spurt in power voltage. People panicked as all of a sudden smoke started to come out of their appliances. The power supply was then discontinued to the area for the entire night.

“People have to face the losses for no fault of theirs. The electricity department workers restored the power supply on Friday afternoon by installing a new transformer but the damage was already done. The preparations for the festival were also halted,” said local Bharat Naik.


Iddhar Udhar