Herald: Prefer to be ‘chowkidar’ of new Panjim Mayor, Dy: BJP

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Prefer to be ‘chowkidar’ of new Panjim Mayor, Dy: BJP

14 Mar 2019 05:47am IST
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14 Mar 2019 05:47am IST

Team Herald

PANJIM: Councilors Uday Madkaikar and Pascoala Mascarenhas are set to become the unopposed Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively of the Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) as the BJP-panel has decided to not field any candidates for the two posts. 

Councilor Menino D’Cruz informed that they would prefer to be a ‘chowkidar’ of the works undertaken by the ruling panel including the new Mayor and the Deputy Mayor. 

“We won’t contest the elections (for the two posts) because we don’t have the numbers. We respect people’s verdict (to keep the BJP-backed panel in the opposition). We will be the chowkidar of the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor,” he said while addressing a press conference at BJP head office in the presence of Siddhart Kunkalienkar and other BJP councilors. 

Out of the 30 CCP wards, BJP-panel has 13 in its favour while 15 are from the Babush Monserrate-backed panel and the remaining two are independents. Monserrate, on Tuesday, nominated Madkaikar as their panel’s candidate for the Mayor’s post and Mascarenhas for the post of Deputy Mayor. The elections for these two posts are scheduled to be held on March 15. 

Since the BJP-backed panel lacks majority, D’Cruz said the councilors have unanimously decided to not contest the election to ‘save time.’ 

The Opposition panel however pointed out various issues plaguing the CCP. D’Cruz alleged that out of five committees of the CCP, only two - Standing Committee and Market Committee - are active. “The remaining three are just for name sake,” he lamented adding that CCP by-laws is a must to streamline the working to the corporation. 

Asked on the performance of the outgoing Mayor Vitthal Chopdekar, D’Cruz said there was no opportunity to counter him during his tenure.  
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