08 Jun 2023  |   01:52am IST

RFCS chief smells a rat in Goa Dairy purchasing cow milk from outside State at higher rate

Team Herald

PONDA: The Rudreshwar Farmers Credit Society (RFCS), Sankhali has demanded an inquiry into the purchase of cow milk from outside the State by the Goa Dairy.

According to Rudreshwar Farmers Credit Society chairman Shivanand Pednekar, Goa Dairy is purchasing approximately 15,000 to 20,000 litres of milk per day from outside the State. Presently the Goa Dairy is procuring milk from two persons from Maharashtra which is Rs 4-5 per litre and higher than the market rate.

Goa Dairy is purchasing milk at Rs 47 per litre for a year from the date of execution of agreement and there are no provisions in the agreement to reduce the rates. But the managing director issued purchase order on June 1, 2023, by reducing the rate by Rs 2 per litre and that too without resolution by the board of directors or Committee of Administrators.

Due to such corrupt practice, the Goa Dairy has suffered a loss of Rs 20- 25 lakh for two moths i.e. April and May 2023. 

Pednekar has requested the Registrar of Cooperative Societies to conduct an inquiry and to recover the extra amount paid to the milk suppliers.


Iddhar Udhar