27 Mar 2023  |   05:45am IST

Raia VP passes balanced and inclusive budget

Raia VP passes balanced and inclusive budget

Team Herald

MARGAO: After several discrepancies pointed out by the villagers during the last meeting, the Raia village panchayat passed a balanced and inclusive budget of Rs. 6.40 crore for the next financial year at the gram sabha held on Sunday. 

At the gram sabha chaired by Sarpanch Judas Quadros, few villagers demanded that the panchayat body carry out detailed study on the open spaces and make a special provision for its development in future. 

Villagers also stressed that the budget needs to be prepared taking into consideration the betterment of the village rather than spending on unnecessary works. 

However, many charged the panchayat body for making overnight changes in the budget that was prepared as per the suggestions of the experts and qualified persons from the village, but Sarpanch refuted the charges. 

Speaking to reporters Sarpanch said that the budget passed is balanced and inclusive one and few changes will be done as per the suggestions suggested at the Sunday's gram sabha meeting. 

It is pertinent to note that the said gram sabha called to discuss on the budget was adjourned due to the chaos that was witnessed over the discrepancies in the budget, wherein Sarpanch had assured to place revised budget before the villagers. 

Sanjay Monteiro, a villager, stated that he was one of the villagers who helped the panchayat body in preparing the budget, and the suggestions made were taking into consideration the issues of the villagers. 

Youth who attended the gram sabha in large numbers demanded to allot more money for the maintenance of the football ground, upon which it was resolved to increase the fund for the same. 

The Sarpanch also assured the youth group that the illumination of the ground will be done at the earliest. 

Pointing out several discrepancies, Joaquim Fernandes brought to the attention of the panchayat body about renting premises tax, cess, etc and demanded the clear and detailed picture of the budget so that it is understood to the villagers. 


Idhar Udhar