04 Mar 2024  |   06:44am IST

Raia villagers object to outsourcing of waste management services

Team Herald

MARGAO: Raia villagers objected to the proposal of inviting contractors for door-to-door waste collection, saying that it would impose a financial burden on the community.

Following deliberations, the villagers collectively resolved to maintain the current system of garbage collection through the panchayat. 

This decision reflects the villagers' preference for continuity and their desire to avoid additional fees associated with outsourcing waste management services. 

By reaffirming their commitment to the existing arrangement, the villagers aim to ensure the sustainability of waste disposal practices while prioritizing the financial well-being of the community.

The gram sabha chaired by Sarpanch Peter Quadros which went off peacefully and the budget for the next financial year was passed. 

It's important to highlight that the village panchayat of Raia currently manages the collection of dry waste three times a month within its jurisdiction. However, there was a proposal put forward to engage a contractor specifically for the collection of waste, including wet waste, from the area covered by the panchayat. 

This distinction underscores the scope of the discussion during the gram sabha meeting, focusing solely on the potential involvement of contractors for door-to-door waste collection services. 

Sarpanch confirmed that the proposal to engage contractors for waste collection was met with objections from both the villagers and the Village Development Committee. 

He cited concerns raised during a presentation on the potential financial burden that such a system could impose on the community. 

"Consequently, it was resolved to maintain the current system of dry waste collection through the village panchayat", he stated. 

Several villagers participated in the discussion on the budget at the meeting. 


Idhar Udhar