26 Mar 2023  |   06:08am IST

Raising flood concerns, Quepem traders decry the absence of drainage system in municipal area

Raising flood concerns, Quepem traders decry the absence of drainage system in municipal area

Team Herald

QUEPEM: In the absence of a proper sewage and drainage system in Quepem’s municipal area, and development projects underway at a frightening pace,  stinking waste water stagnates near the DySP’s Office in the town, posing a health hazard to road-users and residents.

On Friday, a group of local businessmen and traders gathered to raise their concerns about the deteriorating state of sanitation in their town, alleging that almost all residential and commercial buildings here lack a functioning drainage system. 

Pravin Fal Desai, a local shop-owner, pointed out that the issue of sewage collecting in various spots has gotten worse as the canal has been illegally land-filled. “This situation is only going to get much worse in the rainy season. With no place for train water to flow out, we are worried that there will be floods here during the monsoon, and the sewage mixed with stagnant rainwater will enter our shops,” said Fal Desai.

Another trader, Gaurav Naik said that due to the lack of planning and management while undertaking construction of parking facilities, the people of Quepem face unnecessary hardships when they venture into the town’s commercial area. “We are bracing ourselves for flooding during the monsoon, and are worried that people will stop patronising our businesses, to avoid the mess here,” he added. 

“Also, I want to assert that the Health Department is not serious about various issues plaguing the town, especially the risks associated with waterlogging, like vecror-borne and other communicable diseases,” said Naik, calling on health officials to intervene. 

 Another local businessman, Premanand Fal Desai said that the town has become vulnerable to flooding after the canal was filled. “The authorities took up development work to create parking facilities, without proper technical support, and have not bothered to make a provision for drainage of wastewater,” he lamented.

Judas Cardozo called on the Quepem Municipality and all other Departments concerned – be it the Water Resources or Public Works Department- to take responsibility and solve the drainage system issue before the monsoon arrives.


Idhar Udhar