28 Jul 2023  |   07:29am IST

Rane rules out scrapping Sec 17 (2) of TCP Act

Tells Opposition members if they are not happy with the decision, they can challenge it in Court; alleges RP 2021 was a big scam by SLC; accuses architect Dean D’Cruz of misleading the panel members for his personal gains
Rane rules out scrapping Sec  17 (2) of TCP Act

Team Herald

PORVORIM: Ruling out the possibility to scrap Section 17 (2) Town and Country Planning Act, TCP Minister Vishwajt Rane on Thursday told the Opposition members that if they are not happy with the decision, they can challenge it in the Court.

Stating that Goa will not have any more Regional Plans, Rane reiterated that the Regional Plan 2021 was a big scam by the State Level Committee, especially by its member architect Dean D’Cruz who misled the members for his personal gains. 

“I don’t think I will have any more Regional Plan for the State. It will take another ten years to draft the plan. Regional Plan 2021 is outdated now,” he said. 

“The amendments like 17 (2) are brought with some purpose. If you are not happy about the decision, then challenge it in the court,” Rane added further stating ‘it is people from your side (Opposition) who are craving for development more.’ 

“Even today I will stand with my statement that the State Level Committee was a scam. There were people, who call them civil society members…they say their heartbeat for Goa…I will name Dean D’Cruz…he is a big fraud…a non-Goan who was part of SLC…He misused the power…misled the committee members for his personal gains,” the Minister said. 

Rane placed on record a detailed report of various illegalities and irregularities undertaken by the SLC members and announced to backlist them and not to clear any of their files till he is the Minister. 

Rane also said that several open spaces in front of churches and temples were converted overnight with no NGO or civil society members raising the issue. 

The Minister was countered by Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai who pointed out that BJP MLA Digambar Kamat was the Chief Minister when the RP 2021 was notified. He said that it was Kamat, who had signed the Regional Plan and whether the Minister’s charge was authenticated by him. “Even Rane was part of the same Kamat-led cabinet that approved RP,” he said. 

The MLA also said that none of the Chief Ministers or TCP Ministers in the past including Pratapsingh Rane, took ten years to draft RP. 

Rane replied that he had charged the civil society members, who were part of the committee and that they were not part of the State. “These are the people who mislead the government and need to face criminal action,” he said. 

Rane said that everything would be assessed and planned. 

Earlier speaking, the Opposition raised voice against the government decision not to go ahead with the Regional Plan. They also demanded that the government scrap Section 17 (2) of the TCP Act. 

The Opposition also sought to know the status of Section 16 (b), which the government had earlier announced to scrap it. 


Idhar Udhar