26 May 2023  |   06:26am IST

Ravindra Bhavan needs a chairman for its ACs to function

Air conditioners in Margao’s Ravindra Bhavan not functioning because the file for the appointment of Chairman is pending with the Chief Minister
Ravindra Bhavan needs a chairman for its ACs to function

Team Herald

MARGAO: The non-functioning of air conditioners in the Ravindra Bhavan at Margao, which inconvenienced the tiatr fraternity and tiatr lovers, has now taken a new turn with Art and Culture Minister Govind Gaude now claiming that the file with regards to appointing a Chairman for the bhavan is pending before Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. 

It is pertinent to note that recently the Ravindra Bhavan witnessed a high voltage drama during the staging of a tiatr, as tiatr lovers vented their ire over the non-functioning air conditioners in the auditorium. 

“Actually, nearly six months ago, a new air conditioner was installed at the Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. I don't have any exact knowledge with regards to the non-functioning of the ACs again. However, I will check with the officials and resolve the issue,” said Gaude. 

He said that the problem with regards to ACs running dry could be due to the scorching heat. 

Gaude told reporters that the Chief Minister reserves the right to appoint Ravindra Bhavan Chairman. 

“The Department has already completed the process and is waiting for the CM's approval,” he said. 

Margao’s Ravindra Bhavan is without a chairman for a long period and the officials are struggling to go ahead with programmes. The absence of a committee has also made it difficult for the authorities in taking major decisions. 

Gaude also assured to resolve Ravindra Bhavan’s canteen issue. 

He said that the department considers giving the responsibility to run the canteen to some self-help groups as it is finding it difficult to go ahead with the tendering process due to technical issues. 

“We don’t want profit but service to the audience. This canteen issue will be resolved very soon,” he assured. 




Iddhar Udhar