16 Sep 2020  |   05:27am IST

Ray of hope? 7 modular garbage treatment machines at Sonsoddo

Project in two phases; Decision taken after visit of Waste Management minister and consultations with MLAs of Margao and Fatorda
Ray of hope? 7 modular garbage treatment machines at Sonsoddo

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Margao Municipal Council (MMC) on Tuesday at a meeting resolved to approve the proposal of the Goa Waste Management Corporation for installation of seven modular garbage treatment machines at Sonsoddo. The seven machines with a capacity of 5 tonnes of garbage treatment per day will be installed in a phased manner at Sonsoddo. 

The said project will be completed in a phased manner and in the first phase the three units and second phase four units will be commissioned into the services. The officials of the Goa Solid Waste Management Corporation (GSWMC) on Tuesday gave a presentation to the council on the details of the project they plan for the MMC. 

Following the visit of the Waste Management Minister along with the Fatorda and Margao MLAs, the plan was forged to have a centralised facility instead of the decentralised manner. In his presentation, Sanjiv Joglekar of the GSWMC said the Margao Municipal Council areas produce 18 to 22 tonnes of dry, 14 to 20 tonnes of wet and 20 to 25 tonnes of mix waste. If segregation is done there is likelihood that there will be 25 tonnes of dry and 35 tonnes of wet waste coming to the Sonsoddo on a daily basis. The two phases of the project will create a capacity of treating 35 tonnes of waste per day. 

 The GSWMC has also observed that the present plant can only take 20 tonnes of waste per day and hence is not enough for the daily waste treatment. The GSWMC has raised a requirement of 2,000 sq mts of land for a shade where the machines will be installed for the treatment of dry waste exclusively. 

The GSWMC has requested the MMC to construct the shade to which councillor Rupesh Mahatme asked the Chairperson "Why will the MMC construct the shade?" 

"If the MMC is made to construct the shade the work will take two years as the MMC is already reeling under funds scarcity," said Mahatme. Other councillors backed Mahatme’s reservations. Chairperson Pooja Naik assured that the council would look into the requirement of the shade.

The Chairperson said the council was informed on September 15, 2020, by Sanjeev Joglekar (who is also an OSD in the Department of Science & Technology) at a presentation conducted by him about the specifications of the GSWMC and the machinery available that would best meet the requirement of Margao.

"In the presentation Joglekar informed that the plant (biomethanation) is available on the Government e-Marketplace (GEM Portal) of the Government of India. The MMC henceforth procured all garbage related machinery (biomethanation plants) directly from the portal, in accordance with the GSWMC specifications," the Chairperson added.



Iddhar Udhar