01 Jul 2020  |   05:33am IST

Revive Sanjivani, demands Cong

Revive Sanjivani, demands Cong

Team Herald

SANGUEM: The Sanguem Block Congress Committee on Tuesday demanded the government to plan for the revival of Sanjivani Sugar Factory.

With different verdicts coming from the government on different occasions, Sanguem Block member Abhijit Dessai at a press briefing, here, urged the government to work on the rejuvenation of the Sanjivani Sugar Factory given the large number of families who depend on the sugarcane plantation in the State.

While stressing that the Congress will rally behind the farmers at all times if the government takes any decision that will affect the farmers, Dessai demanded the government to plan for the revival of the Sanjivani Sugar Factory before the coming sugarcane harvesting season.

“While on one hand the government appeals the farmers to boost agricultural plantations, the back door move to close the lone factory is highly alarming,” claimed the speakers at the meeting.

Given the present scenario of uncertainty over the functioning of the Sanjivani, the farmers are at the crossroads over their future.

Dessai claimed that while government is happily continuing with the functioning of several corporations which are running into losses why the differentiation only with respect to Sanjivani Sugar Factory. Instead of making the factory run under the inexperienced hands of bureaucrats, the government should appoint a committee of the farmers or of individuals having expertise in sugarcane farming to look after the affairs of the sugar factory.

Rajanikant Naik appealed the government to apply proper mechanism in the determination of various agricultural produce in the State. 


Iddhar Udhar