01 Aug 2022  |   06:28am IST

Revive glorious years of BSNL into our homes

Revive glorious years of  BSNL into our homes

It was heartening to hear that the Central government has approved Rs 1.64-trillion lifeline to revive BSNL. 

The largest government telephone service provider was kept in the ICU on the ventilator to give chances to the private players to enter the market in telecommunication business with the ministers making the buck. 

We loyalist consumers are the true ‘Desh bhats’ still stuck to BSNL service despite poor service and no proper maintenance. 

Many good engineers and other staff were forced to take VRS if the government had realised the potential that this giant BSNL service had great chances of becoming the government’s biggest revenue provider. But preferential private companies helped a few individuals to make more money and the ‘babus’ get their cuts. Let's hope the new lifeline will bring the glorious days of the BSNL into our homes.