24 Feb 2024  |   07:21am IST

Road work in Verna leaves motorists stuck in traffic jam for hours

Team Herald

MARGAO: Commuters traveling towards Panjim from Margao had to endure lengthy traffic congestion on Friday morning as the work of tarring the highway stretch from Verna to the Kesarval Circle delayed the movement of traffic.

The situation was so bad that the queue of vehicles had reached the Nagoa slope, and here too, a broken-down truck on the stretch added to the chaos.

While traffic police were at the site, commuters were stuck for nearly 45 minutes from Nagoa to the Kesarval junction during the morning rush hour on Friday.  There were some who were even stuck for an hour just to cross this stretch. There were similar traffic snarls throughout the day.  There were complaints of office goers reaching late to work. Buses were also stuck in the traffic jam.

The fact that the two traffic junctions, at Titan and then Kesarval usually experience traffic jams during peak hours, commuters criticized the authorities for not making better arrangements or announcing to the public that there would be hot mixing work on the highway stretch, so they could have taken alternative routes. It is to be noted that the traffic moving on the opposite route, Panjim to Margao was smooth except for the usual blocks at the two traffic junctions.


Idhar Udhar