27 May 2023  |   06:07am IST

Roadside trees pose danger to motorists

Roadside trees pose  danger to motorists

Team Herald

PONDA: The age old trees by the roadside are posing a risk to life and property, but so far no solution seems to have been evolved to this danger. Many trees lean onto the roads and continue to pose risk to commuters’ life.

In one incident a bike rider riding from on the Savoi-Verem, Marcel road had a miraculous escape at Savoi-Verem after a huge branch fell on his bike. The locals rushed and rescued him, while fire and electricity personnel cleared the branches.

It may be recalled that recently Government has taken care of power outages by doing underground cabling, but several age old trees lean onto the road and some are on the verge of collapse. Some trees have even claimed lives. The dangerous trees leaning onto the road continue to haunts locals as there is no action from the village panchayats or the departments to cut them.

It may be recalled that in August 2022 Aditi Naik, 39, from Shiroda was killed in the freak accident, while her husband Venkatesh Naik, 47, had sustained  serious injuries, after a huge banyan tree came crashing down on the couple, while they were returning home after casting their votes in the Panchayat Election. Their bike too was crushed under tree.

Similarly last year a youth was seriously injured after a tree collapsed on his moving bike at Curti.


Iddhar Udhar