23 May 2020  |   06:06am IST

Rs 9 cr received in CM’s Covid Fund

Rs 9 cr received in CM’s Covid Fund

As on Friday around Rs 9 crore had been received in the CM Covid fund, of which Rs 4 core has already been spent, Revenue Secretary Sanjay Kumar disclosed.

“Few days ago when I saw the total amount was Rs 9 crore, and almost Rs 4 crore has been spent already on KTC buses, distribution of groceries and migrant labourer’s arrangements,” Kumar said replying to queries.

The Revenue Secretary added that on Friday six trains were scheduled to leave and by evening three trains carrying 4884 passengers had already left.

“Three more trains carrying the same number of passengers will leave later in the evening,” he said. Similarly, some 5-6 trains may leave on Saturday, he said, adding they are still awaiting confirmation from the Railways.

“As of now, 43,794 labourers have left Goa by trains. A total of 1.2 lakh labourers had registered expressing their desire to go to their place,” he said.

Further, the Secretary said that Goa Police has so far arrested 1,404 persons for violation of lockdown and 771 FIRs have been registered. “Total of Rs 446 vehicles were seized during lockdown,” he said.


Iddhar Udhar