20 May 2020  |   06:26am IST

SSC seating arrangements

SSC seating arrangements

Team Herald

PANJIM: The revised seating arrangement for the students appearing for the SSC Examination from May 21 to June 6, between 9 am and 12 pm, by Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is as follows: 


Sub-centre: St Rita’s High School, Maina-Curtorim, students of St Rita’s HS, Maina-Cutorim, St Theresa Convent, Raia; St Xavier’s Institute, Curtorim.

Sub-centre: Our Lady of Carmel HS, Curtorim, students of Our Lady of Carmel HS, Curtorim and St Xavier’s HS, Macasana

Sub-centre: Loyola HS, Margao, students of Loyola HS and 13999, 14041, 14662 and 15094 of Iqra English School, Margao

Sub-centre: Mahila and Nutan English HS, Margao, students of Mahila and Nutan English HS, Margao.

Sub-centre: Presentation Convent HS, Fatorda, students of Presentation Convent HS, Fatorda and Konkani Bhasha Mandal, Margao and 13830, 13831, 13832, 13840, 13847, 13851, 13853, 13854, 13858, 13867, 13873, 13879, 13882, 13885, 13893, 13894, 13895, 13896, 13899, 13903, 13906, 13914 of Fatima Convent High School, Margao.

Sub-centre:  Our Lady of Rosary HS, Fatorda, students of Our Lady of Rosary HS, Fatorda and Al Falah Education Society’s Crescent School, Fatorda.

Sub-centre:  Damodar HS, Margao, students of Damodar HS, Margao, Popular HS, Margao, Government Multipurpose HS, Margao, Al Huda International Islamic HS, Margao.

Sub-centre: Adarsh V V High School, Margao, students of Adarsh V V High School, Margao and Private SSC and 13921, 13927, 13931, 13942, 13957, 13958, 13961, 13963, 13969, 13971, 13978, 13988, 13989, 13990, 13991, 13992, 13993, 13994, 14016, 14020, 14021, 14023 of Fatima Convent High School, Margao.

Sub-centre: Infant Jesus HS, Colva, students of Infant Jesus HS, Colva and Cambridge School, Varca and 14024, 14029, 14032, 14033, 14038, 14044, 14055, 14070, 14071, 14075, 14079, 14083, 14084, 14086, 14087, 14091, 14092, 14093, 14094, 14095, 14097, 14110, 14113, 14128, 14129, 14142, 14148, 14154, 14157, 14202, 14203, 14215, 14224, 14229, 14236, 14241, 14265, 14268, 14300, 14314, 14337, 14342, 14342, 14361, 14369, 14377,

14424,  14433, 14462, 14484, 14500, 14509, 1451, 14538, 14555, 14566, 14577, 14580, 14589  of Fatima Convent High School, Margao.

Sub-centre: Holy Spirit Institute, Margao, students of Holy Spirit Institute, Margao, 14590, 14591, 14601, 14621, 14624, 14628, 14630, 14646, 14649, 14654, 14689, 14698, 14710, 14722, 14738, 14745, 14749, 14791, 14808, 14823, 14824, 14830, 14843, 14854, 14858, 14862, 14872, 14881, 14932, 14944, 14982, 14988, 14999, 15008, 15011, 15013, 15025, 15026, 15040, 15048, 15050, 15084, 15093, 15127, 15139, 15150 of Fatima Convent High School, Margao and St. Anthony’s High School, Margao and 13826, 13829, 13871, 13877, 13962, 14112, 14122,  14130, 14696 of Iqra English High School, Margao

Sub-centre: Government Multipurpose HS, Margao 14260, 14795, 1497, 14515, 14575, 14877 centre of stranded students. 

All prevocational papers will be answered at Holy Spirit Institute, Margao.


Centre 1: For Students of Bhatikar English HS – Housing Board; Answer Centre:  Bhatikar English HS – Housing Board. 

Centre 2: For Students of Perpetual Succour Convent HS, Navelim; Answer centre: Perpetual Succour Convent HS, Navelim. 

Centre 3: For Students of St Joseph’s Ed Institute HS, Chandor; Answer centre -- St Joseph’s Ed Institute HS, Chandor.

Centre 4: For Students of Rosary HS, Navelim, Posh English HS; Answer centre: Rosary HS, Navelim.

Centre 5: For Students of Bethany Convent HS, St Jose de Areal – Answer centre:  Bethany Convent HS, St Jose de Areal.

Centre 6: For Students of Auxilium Convent HS Benaulim – Answer centre: Auxilium Convent HS, Benaulim.

Centre 7: For Students of St Pius X HS, Orlim, Holy Cross Institute Cavelossim, Sacred Heart of Jesus HS, Carmona – Answer centre:  St Pius X HS, Orlim. 

Centre 8: For Students of St Aloysius HS, Benaulim, St Mary’s HS Varca, Cambridge School, Varca – Answer centre: St Aloysius HS, Benaulim.

Centre 9: For Students of St Joseph HS, Aquem, TB Cunha New HS Aquem – Answer Centre: St Joseph HS Aquem.

Centre 10: For Students of Govt HS, Vidyanagar, New Era HS, Margao, Govt HS, Davorlim – Answer centre: Govt HS Vidyanagar.

Centre 11: For Students of Shenvi HS Rawanfond, Shishu Vikas HS Shantinagar – Answer centre: Shenvi HS Rawanfond

Centre 12: For Students of St Mary’s of Angel, Chinchinim, Assumpta Convent Sarzora – Answer centre: St Mary’s of Angel, Chinchinim.

Centre 13: For Students of AIM English Medium HS, Rumdamol, AIM Salcete HS, Malbhat – Students of AIM English Medium HS, Rumdamol.

All students who have opted for the following pre-vocational subjects will answer at Rosary HS(Cookery – 044E) and (Basic Cookery – 065) CWSN ie NSQF subjects like (IT/ITES-S-073), (Retail – S-075), (Apparel – S- 079). June 2: Drawing and Painting. June 3: Word Processing and June 6: Desktop Publishing.


Sub-centre 1: Our Lady of Snow’s HS, Raia. Students of Our Lady of Snow’s HS, Raia and Saviour of the World HS, Loutolim.  

Sub-centre 2: Marina English HS, Verna. Students of Marina English HS,Verna and Al-Madina HS, Cortalim.

Sub-centre 3: Our Lady of Succour HS, Nagoa.  Students of Our Lady of Succour HS, Nagoa and St Joseph Convent HS, Nagoa.

Sub-centre 4: St Thomas High School, Cansaulim. Students of St Thomas HS, Cansaulim. 

Sub-centre 5: St Anthony’s High School, Majorda. Students of St Anthony’s HS, Majorda and St Jude’s High School, Betalbatim. 

Sub-centre 6: Fr Agnel Multipurpose HS, Verna. Students of Fr Agnel Multipurpose HS, Verna and Our Lady of Lourdes HS, Utorda. 

Sub-centre 7: Holy Rosary Convent HS, Nuvem. Students of Holy Rosary Convent HS, Nuvem and Mae Dos Pobres HS, Nuvem.


Sub-centre 1: Fr Agnel High School, Pilar Fr Agnel HS, Pilar (School Code: 11.10), St Lawrence HS, Agassaim (School Code: 11.23), Govt HS, Siridao (School Code: 11.42), Fairyland HS, Batim, Goa-Velha (School Code: 11.47), Private students and  Exempted students.

Sub-centre 2: St Andrew’s HS, Goa Velha. St Andrew’s HS, Goa Velha (School Code: 11.16), Immaculate Heart of Mary HS, Goa Velha (School Code: 11.18),  Popular English HS, Goa Velha (School Code: 11.25).

Sub-centre 3: Shri Dayanand Arya High School, Neura. Shri Dayanand Arya High School, Neura (School Code: 11.22), Azmane High School, Neura (School Code: 11.27).

Sub-centre 4:  Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School, Cortalim. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School, Cortalim (School Code: 4.09), Vidhya Vihar High School, Thana, Cortalim (School Code: 4.34). Sub-centre 5: Vidhya Vihar High School, Thana, Cortalim. Vidhya Vihar High School, Cortalim (School Code: 4.34).


Sub-centre 1: Mary Immaculate Girls’ High School. Students of Mary Immaculate Girls’ High School. 

Sub-centre 2: People’s High School. Students of People’s High School and Progress High School. 

Sub-centre 3: Don Bosco High School. Students of Don Bosco High School. 

Sub-centre 4: St Michael’s High School, Taleigao. Students of St Michael’s High School, Taleigao. 

Sub-centre 5: Our Lady of Rosary High School, Dona Paula. Students of Our Lady of Rosary HS, Dona Paula and Govt High School, Dona Paula.

Sub-centre 6: Bal Bharati Vidyamandir, Ribandar, Students of Bal Bharati Vidyamandir, Ribandar and St Bartholomew’s High School, Chorao. 

Sub-centre 7: Anjuman Nurul Islam HS, Panjim. Students of (a) Anjuman Nurul Islam High School, Panjim and Kasturba Matoshri High School, Panjim.

Sub-centre 8: Auxilium High School, Caranzalem. Students of Auxilium HS, Caranzalem, Don Bosco Night High School, Panjim, Royale Secondary School, Taleigao and Private SSC candidates. 


Sub-centre 1: Little Flower of Jesus High School, Calangute. Students of Little Flower of Jesus HS, Calangute. 

Sub-centre 2: St Theresa’s High School, Candolim. Students of St Theresa’s HS, Candolim. 

Sub-centre 3: St Joseph’s High School, Calangute. Students of St Joseph’s HS, Calangute, Don Bosco HS, Calangute, StDomnic Savio HS, Calangute and Vidhya Niketan HS, Calangute.

Sub-centre 4: Lourdes Convent High School Saligao. Students of Lourdes Convent HS, Saligao and Seminary of Our Lady, Saligao.


The students from Holy Cross Institute, Quepem, Government HS, Maina and private candidates will appear at Holy Cross Institute, Quepem and the students from Our Lady Mother of the Poor HS, Tilamol; Lokvishwas Pratishthan’s HS, Shirvoi; Govt HS, Malkarnem and Govt HS, Sheldem will be answering in Our Lady Mother of Poor HS, Tilamol.

At Pope John XXIII HS, Quepem, all the students from Govt HS, Ambaulim will be answering besides their own students while the students of Damodar English HS, Gudi-Paroda and Immaculate Conception HS, Avedem will appear at Damodar English HS, Gudi-Paroda.

According to Conductor of Quepem Centre Shari Rashmi D’Souza all the CWSN students will be answering their Cookery and Basic Cookery subjects on May 21 and all the exempted candidates as per time-table at Pope John XXII HS, Quepem and all NSQF subjects at Our Lady Mother of Poor HS, Tilamol on May 22.


Main centre: Union High school. 116 Students of Union High School, three private students and 6 repeaters will appear for the exam in Union High School. Sub-centre 1: Miracles High School, Sanguem. 49 students of Miracles HS, 33 students of Govt HS, Kalay and 13 students of Government HS, Valkini. 

Sub-centre 2: Govt High School, Netravali. 34 students of Govt HS Neturlim, 26 students of Govt HS Vadem and 49 students of Don Bosco Sulcorna-Rivona.


The students will answer exam in their own centres unless mentioned.  

Sub-centre 1: St Joseph’s Institute, students of St Joseph’s Institute, private students. 

Sub-centre 2: St Andrew’s Institute. 

Sub-centre 3: Govt HS, Mangor, Municipal HS, Students of Mata Secondary School, Baina. 

Sub-centre 4: St Theresa’s HS, Mangor. 

Sub-centre 5: Our Lady of Candelaria HS, Baina, students of Anjuman Himayatul Islam HS, Baina. 

Sub-centre 6: Murgaon HS, Sada; students of LTN Mayekar Govt HS, Sada. 

Sub-centre 7: Deepvihar HS, Headland Sada; students of Yuvaksangh HS, Sada. 

Sub-centre 8: Our Lady of Desterro HS, Desterro, Baina; Ameeniya HS, Baina, students of Govt HS, Baina and students of Busybee HS, Baina. 

Sub-centre 9: Mother of Mercy English HS, Vaddem, Govt HS, Vaddemnagar; English HS, Vaddem; Students of Govt HS, New Vaddem. 

Sub-centre 10: Vidya Mandir HS, Airport Road, Chicalim.  

Sub-centre 11: Regina Mundi HS, Chicalim.  

Sub-centre 12: Keshav Smruti English HS, Alto Dabolim; students of Government HS, Zuarinagar. 

Sub-centre 13: St Joseph Vaz HS, Sancoale, students of Infant Jesus Academy, Velsao, Cansaulim; Students of Shantadurga HS, Sancoale; Students of Airway Public HS, Vaddem; Students of St Ann’s HS, Quellossim.


Iddhar Udhar