Herald: Sal residents serve ultimatum on govt to solve garbage issue

Sal residents serve ultimatum on govt to solve garbage issue

07 May 2019 05:37am IST
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07 May 2019 05:37am IST

Irked over the nuisance created by visitors and the garbage dumped near the bandhara

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BICHOLIM: Irked over the nuisance created by visitors and the garbage dumped near the bandhara, Sal residents have served an ultimatum on the government that by Saturday the problem is not solved, they would stop the pumping of water to Padosem water treatment plant.

Sal residents and the panchayat held a special meeting to discuss the garbage problem in the village. The residents came out with several suggestions to manage the garbage issue. Some brought it to the notice of the Panchayat that people from ‘outside’ enter the village and dump garbage.

This problem is evident especially near the bandhara from where water is pumped to Padosem plant. The visitors, who visit this bandhara, dump garbage, which includes glass bottles and other items. Each year, the residents raise their voice against this hooliganism and last year they forced the authorities to depute police force in the area. The meeting discussed in detail this problem and the residents had warned that if they are unable to curb this menace they would be forced to agitate. 

“It is high time that government should act in this regard and stop the people from dumping garbage in our village. These hooligans drink and in the evening, when they leave, they dump all the garbage here. The vehicles that pass through the village are driven by these hooligans and they drive in a rash and negligent manner,” complained Sal resident and Bicholim Block Congress president Ghanasham Raut.

“We have given the government time limit and if by Saturday nothing is done in this matter, we will remove all the plates of the bandhara and will stop pumping of water to the Padosem plant” Raut warned.

Sal sarpanch, Prakash Raut urged the government to act and ‘save’ them from the visitors who are becoming nuisance to the village. “The place has become very popular since the last two years and on Sundays there is lot of rush near the bandhara. Most families visit the spot early morning and spend the entire day,” he informed.

The place became popular after inauguration of the light motor vehicle bridge over the bandhara that connects Sal to Ibrampur- Pernem. But the popularity of the spot is a cause for concern to the villagers as they feel insecure in their village.

“People come here and dirty the area by dumping waste including food and empty bottles,” complained Deelip Desai, a local, demanding action.

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