03 Apr 2024  |   06:19am IST

Sanjivani Sugar Factory in process of restarting operations; will include ethanol plant: CM

Govt releases minutes of January 9 meeting with Chief Minister Pramod Sawant held to discuss future of sugar factory; Sawant assured farmers that the sugar factory will accept and process their sugarcane when it resumes operations; added that the farmers will continue to receive special assistance from the government until March 2025
Sanjivani Sugar Factory in process of restarting operations; will include ethanol plant: CM

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SANGUEM: Reacting promptly to the O Heraldo report on the concerns of the sugarcane farmers in Sanguem, the government on Tuesday released 

minutes of the meeting chaired by the Chief Minister on January 9, to discuss the matter.

The minutes that were noted down by Satej Kamat, Administrator of Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd were sent on Tuesday, nearly three months after the meeting.

On Monday, O Heraldo had highlighted the plight of sugarcane cultivators in Sanguem and other agrarian villages, who have taken loans to cultivate the crop this year, in the hope that the sugar factory will resume operations in time for the harvest. The long-awaited ethanol plant, proposed by the government several years ago to bail out the struggling cane farmers, has not materialised either.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant pointed out that the government has initiated the process of re-starting the Sanjivani Sugar Factory and said the advertisement inviting a 'Request For Quote' was published in newspapers on January 9, 2024, on the day the meeting was held.

He added that the plant will also produce ethanol and will be operated 

on public-private partnership basis.

He asked the farmers to cultivate sugarcane as it would be received at the Sanjivani factory for crushing when it commences operations.

The Chief Minister also assured that the special assistance as notified by the government earlier, will continue for the current financial year ending on March 31, 2025.

This meeting held at the official residence of the Chief Minister at Altinho was attended by former MP Narendra Sawaikar as Chairman of the Sugarcane Farmers Facilitation Committee and Satej Kamat.

Besides sugarcane farmers, others who attended this meeting were the Agriculture Secretary, Director and Deputy Director (Crops) of Agriculture.


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