Herald: Schools have not taken drugs as a serious problem as of now, says NCB
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Schools have not taken drugs as a serious problem as of now, says NCB

13 Sep 2017 05:32am IST
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13 Sep 2017 05:32am IST

Not enough support from society, schools feel ashamed to admit narcotics cases



PANJIM: Schools and society have to get actively involved and not just blame the enforcing authorities if Goa has to get anywhere close to eradicating the drug menace, feels the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

NCB, in the last few years, has registered quite a few cases, all of commercial quantity of narcotics, but feels there are not enough specific inputs from the people. “In the last few years we have done quite a few number of cases in large quantities but unfortunately there is no specific inputs from locals,” says Goa NCB Superintendent Jitendra Rajan.

According to the figures provided by Rajan, NCB in 2014 registered two cases, arresting a Nigerian, a Kashmiri, an Israeli and a Portuguese lady.

In 2015, NCB registered five cases and all those arrested were Indians. The next year it was again five cases, with arrests of four Indians and two foreigners (Iranian and Nigerian). In 2017 till date, three cases have been registered and three Indians have been arrested.

Speaking further, Rajan said NCB has also conducted sensitising classes in about 80 schools in 2016 and about 42 schools already this year. “Besides we are also organising training workshops for police personnel on awareness of NDPS Act,” the SP said.

Unfortunately, Rajan says, the schools have not yet taken drugs as a serious problem. “Whenever we ask school managements, they many times deny there are any drug cases even if they know. But during the course of discussion they admit a few cases in the past. Maybe, they feel ashamed to admit at the start,” he said.

He added that not only schools, but parents, local people and social activists must come together and help fight the drug menace. “You just can’t blame the enforcing authorities. We need to create fear in the minds of drug dealers, and the consumers as well, that someone is watching him somewhere,” he said.

When it was pointed out to reports that NCB did not take Goa Police into confidence while registering cases, he said, “I don’t want to make any comments but we do take their help as we not have enough staff to do cases on our own.”

Speaking further, Rajan said, “Goa is a tourist destination and such ills are bound to happen. Wherever there is demand there is supply. Our job is to control that supply.”

When asked, he said Goa gets drugs from all over the country and abroad. “You have tourists coming from all over, charters, domestic tourists, trains, buses and hence it cannot be said drugs come from one particular point,” Rajan explained, adding, “But most of the time it is from Karnataka, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh.”

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