26 Aug 2021  |   06:47am IST

Seafarers holding OCI told to surrender Indian CDC

Seafarers holding OCI told to surrender Indian CDC

Team Herald

MARGAO: In an order issued by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways, Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) holders, or foreign citizens of Indian origin have been asked to surrender their Indian CDC.
The above order has been issued on August 25 by Subhash Barguzer, Deputy Director-General of Shipping (Crew).
"Merchant Shipping notice was issued directing the seafarers of Indian origin who have acquired foreign nationality and are in possession of Indian Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC), to surrender the same to the jurisdictional shipping master, the government of shipping office", the order stated.
It has been further mentioned that it has been decided that the CDC can be returned to the bearer of the same after its cancellation with due endorsement on it. However, seafarer's sea service records may be kept in the DGS online system for future reference.
While Frank Viegas, President of Goa Seafarers Association, has mentioned that the said circular was always enforced in 2017 as per rule 4 of Merchant shipping (Continous Discharge Certificate-cum-Seafarers Identity Document) Rules, 2001, the applicant should be a citizen of India and only Indian Citizen are eligible for grant of CDC.
GSAI is, however, pleased to announce that after the cancellation of the CDC, the CDC will be returned to the bearer for safekeeping of records after cancelation and the Seafarers, sea service records will be kept in DGS online system for future references.


Idhar Udhar