Herald: Should he apologiSe?

Should he apologiSe?

10 Aug 2018 05:13am IST
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10 Aug 2018 05:13am IST

Herald posed the following questions 

What was wrong with Rane’s remark? Was it factual ignorance or was it deep-seated jealousy/hatred?

What should Rane do? Will his apologies undo the damage he has done?

What should the Congress do? Do you think Congress can survive his exit or removal or apology?


It was not ignorance. It was an emphasis on restarting mining which according to them will partly undo the pathetic unemployment scenario. Apologise he must. But it will not undo the harm since his mentality towards such menial jobs is evident. Rane has remained in Congress for his own convenience. His loyalties were always elsewhere. Cong cannot afford to antagonize him as he is ever ready to jump.

– Jose Maria Miranda

Rane's remark is offensive and repellent to say the least a trademark of his feudal mentality. Rane will not let hatred n jealousy get the better of him. He is a "cool" operator who knows what he says when he says something at that appointed time. Aleixo Reginaldo (you can quote this) went to Rane during Assembly break and implored, " I request you as if to my grandfather. Your remark will boomerang. Apologise publicly". Rane remained staunchly adamant. Today, to my mind, he is a BJP Trojan horse within the Congress trapped by his infamous son. So they dance to Parrikar's tunes. Rane knows his days in Congress are numbered. He feels it is more convenient to be on the side of BJP to live like a Maharaja till his eyes close. Congress indeed faces a dilemma. But if there's to be honour among thieves they must sack Rane presto, earn the sympathy of all Goans much before Rane drives the last nail in the Congress 's coffin. Congress must wean off the rancid pickle and experience a rebirth with a new avatar. They will win even if they lose

– Dr Francisco Colaco

Rane's remark denigrated and tarnished a whole section of Goans and probably stemmed from his apparent perception that opposition to mining, which he feels is crucial to his constituents arises from the south. However, we cannot ignore the fact that arrogance is Rane's characteristic hallmark. This remark seemed to be a symptom of an innate 'maharajah' st drome. Hence in my humble opinion, it is very doubtful that anything he does or says will undo the damage he has done. Why should the Congress not survive Ranes exit? In fact, for a long time, both the Ranes have been an albatross around the neck of the Congress. It is abundantly clear that they do not share the Congress ideology which has been highlighted by this incident among others. If the Congress gets rid of excess baggage like Rane, I feel it may actually be able to fly lighter and higher at least in the rest of Goa since it will now be seen to displaying through actions its commitment to universal Goenkarponn

– Edwin Pinto

Rane’s toilet gate remark was a well-calculated missile, targeted to win the hearts of mining dependent people, at the same time dent the Congress party, from which he will soon retire, to pave the way for his daughter in law Divya, who will contest on the BJP ticket. Rane will never apologise, as he said it intentionally. Even if he does apologise, it will not serve any purpose, as the damage is done, and the scars remain long after the wound is healed. The Congress party has to suspend him. However, the Congress party is harbouring dreams of toppling the BJP govt, and hence needs the support of every LA member, and hence might not be practical at this juncture....and Rane too knows he can get away with murder.

– Kennedy Afonso

The remark was inappropriate. One cannot belittle any person based on his/her occupation. I believe he must make amends through an apology and diffuse the situation.

– Goan Overseas Association, Sydney NSW

Rane's remark has hurt the sentiments of our people, you can't discriminate one on his or her job profile. Any sort of work is worshipped. Rane needs to take his statement back, damage done by his words will not recover. Sentiments of our people are like mirror once a stone is thrown on it and it breaks down into pieces it's difficult to join back. I feel it's a personal statement done by Mr Rane and the later party made its stand clear, there will be some political people and parties which will like to take it on as a political issue. I feel the party should take a strict action on this type of statement. And why only congress party? Why other MLA's and Ministers in the house didn't stop or object Rane on his state in the house? All are on the same plate.

– Siddesh Bhagat

Neither. Arrogance, and to appease the Mining affected and  Ruling dispensation. To a very little extent. The wound is deep-seated and not easy to heal. The Congress should decide, who is above. Party or Individual.

– Edwin Mascarenhas

Rane is neither ignorant nor jealous He is arrogant, a bad feudal mindset, to belittle others, he forgets it is a democracy. Forget about his apology, he is a parasite depending on public charities. govt of Portugal, Goa govt and now he's mining dependant. He has to be told to depend on hard work and agricultural relevance, As a parasite, he has forgotten core Goan values. The Congress itself is a divided house. It can't do anything worthy. ONLY as a Party focus on agricultural relevance to GOA as opposed to MINING DESTRUCTION

– Dr Joe D’Souza

Rane's statement was demeaning to Goans. Many Goans have migrated with their families for the betterment of their children because of their education. Rane should understand that there is the dignity of labour in European countries. His statement was not based on facts as not all Goans find employment in cleaning toilets. There was no reason for him to rake up this controversy as it had no significance to mining. Generally, Goans are forgiving so an apology must come if he needs to correct the wrong. If an apology doesn't come to the Congress must remove him immediately coz one can never know this could be a strategy to spoil the image of the Congress before he retires from politics. This will benefit the Congress and the image of Girish coz he has come on a clean slate to take charge of the party.

– Arturo D’Souza

It was out of frustration because mining was not starting. The damage done by his statement cannot be undone. He should apologise otherwise remove him.

– Victor Vaz

First of all Rane's utterances in the august assembly house were bitterly unparliamentary. Secondly, they violate the principle of the dignity of labour. Perhaps Rane forgot that he belongs to a party which is the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, who used to clean the toilets of Sabarmati ashram with his own hands. This might be because of an aristocratic feudal background of Rane. Thirdly, his intentions were mala fide and unholy, set to tarnish his own party by creating unrest in the society. Neither Rane is expected to resign nor apologize. And even if he does, it won't make any difference because the time to apologise lapsed long ago. Congress should immediately suspend Rane and get rid of him. Nobody is indispensable in this world, and the world doesn't stop at somebody's loss.  

– Sudeep Dalvi

I view Sr Rane’s statement as one forced upon him by his BJP MLA son Vishwajit Rane so as to affect Congress’ prospects in South Goa Lok Sabha seat which BJP knows it is losing. Not all Goans wash toilets and there are those who also occupy good posts. That statement was totally wrong because Goans go for good jobs and good education abroad. And if you gave, Romi Konkani choice to my Catholic brothers they will achieve dizzier heights. That statement was a personal one of Mfr Rane’s and not of Congress. He is MLA of Poriem. Congress should not apologize

– Ashwinkumar Naik
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