19 Sep 2023  |   06:00am IST

South Goa Advocates’ Association urges timely disposal of mutation applications

South Goa Advocates’ Association urges timely disposal of mutation applications

Team Herald

MARGAO: In a memorandum addressed to the Mamlatdar of Salcete, the President of the South Goa Advocates’ Association, Adv Prasad Naik, has called for the prompt disposal of mutation applications in accordance with the time limits prescribed by the Goa Right of Citizens to Time-Bound Delivery of Public Services Act, 2013. His appeal 

aims to prevent any unnecessary delays and hardships for the public.

The Act was introduced by the State government to streamline the mutation process and ensure that it is carried out efficiently. However, Naik in his memorandum has noted instances where the Act is not strictly implemented, leading to public inconvenience. He has raised concerns about the inconsistent handling of mutation applications, with some being processed expeditiously while others face prolonged delays. 

“In a few selective mutation cases, notices are generated on the same day and final certification is also done the same day. In most other cases, the mutation applications are kept pending for long periods. This discriminatory process raises suspicion on the working of your department,” he observed.

Naik also highlighted a practice where some 

mutation files are routinely dismissed for ‘non-prosecution’ at the end of each month, possibly as a means to maintain the appearance of a low case backlog. He urged the Mamlatdar's office to resolve this issue promptly.

To address these concerns and streamline the mutation process, Naik proposed several remedial measures. For cases where the Sale Deed provides a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for mutation and there are no third-party entries, he recommended direct processing without the need for further notices. Additionally, he called for pending mutation cases exceeding 30 days to be prioritised and resolved within the same time-frame. In all cases, where the mutation application is not decided within a period of 30 days, the concerned Mamlatdar should be made to give reasons/explanation for non-disposal, he added.

Naik also suggested the maintenance of a register to track the progress of mutation applications, providing transparency and facilitating online viewing of the application status.


Iddhar Udhar