11 Jul 2024  |   06:50am IST

South Goa Zilla Panchayat demands increase in emergency funds

Rs 50,000 divided amongst 25 ZP members not sufficient, they say

Team Herald

MARGAO: During its monthly meeting on Wednesday, the South Goa Zilla Panchayat expressed dissatisfaction with the emergency funds allocated to its members. Consequently, the Panchayat resolved to demand an increase in these funds to better address the needs arising from natural calamities.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, ZP Chairperson Suvarna Tendulkar pointed out that heavy rains had caused several natural calamities. "The Zilla Panchayat is allocated Rs 50,000 annually as an emergency fund to address works related to natural calamities. This means each of the 25 members receives Rs 2,000," she explained. Tendulkar said that during the meeting, members raised concerns about the inadequacy of the Rs 2,000 fund to address emergencies effectively. "Accordingly, it was decided to increase the emergency fund for the members of the Zilla Panchayat, and this resolution will be sent to the government," she stated.

Additionally, some members suggested that the government should not impose a blanket ban on visiting all waterfalls in the State. Instead, they recommended regulated access, with permissions granted to visit waterfalls deemed less dangerous.

The meeting also discussed funds received from the 15th Finance Commission. According to Tendulkar, the funds allocated by the Central government have been fully utilised.

Davorlim Zilla Panchayat member Paresh Naik raised concerns about illegal constructions in Rumdamol. In response, Tendulkar stated that the Zilla Panchayat would write to the State government to address these illegal constructions and take necessary action.


Idhar Udhar