Herald: Cuncolim NIT Complex stuck in neutral

Cuncolim NIT Complex stuck in neutral

28 Jun 2018 06:39am IST
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28 Jun 2018 06:39am IST
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The land for the project was acquired and monies promised but nothing has moved on the ground and  the dates promised have come and gone leaving people disappointed

In 2009 Government started to acquire 4.56 sqmt of land at Cuncolim to set up a fully-fledged NIT complex. After seven years the Government succeeded in getting their hands on the land and the state government handed over this land to NIT to set up the complex in July 2017.

A year has almost passed now since the Goa government handed over about 4.5 lakh Sq.mt land to the NIT to set up multifacility complex. NIT has assured to set up the first phase of the project in 2020. The central government was supposed to sanction Rs. 500 crores and work was supposed to commence by September 2017 but nothing came true.  

The Human resource ministry had announced the NIT would setup a multi facility project at Cuncolim. There were plans to shift NIT from Ratnagiri to a permanent complex at cuncim. A communique released claimed Officers of the NIT would plant about one lakh Mango plants at the acquired land. It was the dream of NIT officers to build an eco- friendly complex. NIT had even announced plans to mentor 400 teachers from the state. Cuncolkars sacrificed their land for NIT but it was unfortunate they got nothing out of their land. It was the duty of NIT to adopt Cuncolim Schools and should have planned to provide necessary help to Cuncolim school so they could have trained to get admission in NIT. Baring Cuncolim NIT adopted five villages Keri Sattari, priol , Guirdolim, Macazana and Kalay village schools adopted by NIT . It is told that this NIT Complex will be the unique class project which will have facility for research program. It was planned to build  a compound wall and was told by NIT Goa office that before project starts they will put a cycle race at proposed land unfortunately not even a single brick was put in this land.

It was expected that NIT Complex work will start by this year but till now nothing has been done. Land which was acquired for complex is waiting for development. All land owners had given up their custody land which is acquired is turning into jungle. Many wild plants have encroached in this acquired land. Forget the construction work they have not even started cleaning the acquired land. This land has turn into thick jungle.

 Construction work will take two years to shape the complex. Even if they start Construction by 2019 the project will be completed only by 2024 and to shift the NIT classes which are presently held at Government Engineering college farmagudi it will take another year or two to shift the temporary project. It means if everything come true then the complex will be ready only by 2024.

In 2010 Human Resource ministry had sanctioned India's 31st NIT to Goa. Since there was no complex, State government allowed NIT to start their Classes at Farmagudi till they built their permanent complex.

Presently at NIT Farmagud there are more than 450 students pursuing their  studies. They have Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 

Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer science Engineering courses are started at Farmagudi complex. They have started under graduate and post graduate courses beside the Phd in respective Engineering courses. They have also started Phd in Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Farmagudi Complex is not enough for such a huge complex. There is a need for spacious project to set a fully fledged NIT. Central government has agreed to keep Forty percent seats reserved for Goan student. Remaining 10 percent for union territories of Lakshwadeep, Daman and Diu, Fifty percent seats will be filled through national level. 

In spite of having the custody of the land NIT has not started even to clean and develop the land. Planting of mango trees also remained in cold storage. Construction of cycle lane and construction of boundary wall also remain on paper.

Sources claimed they had no idea why work had not commenced. They revealed that due to Financial approval project work it has not kicked off.

Goa government made a big hurry in acquiring the land. Government and NIT officers were telling project will be ready by 2020. 

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