Herald: Cuncolim bus stand needs maintenance

Cuncolim bus stand needs maintenance

21 Jun 2018 05:43am IST
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21 Jun 2018 05:43am IST

Once considered amongst the most beautiful bus stands in the State it is now in a shabby state due to the indifference of the KTC

12 years ago the Cuncolim bus stand was opened for locals. Twelve years ago it was one of the best, clean and beautiful bus stands in Goa. This bus stand won the first architectural award. This bus stand which has a unique design of Dolphins was once upon a time the best bus stand.

Today, this bus stand has lost its past glory. It’s leaking all over. Tin sheets of the  top roof had been damaged. Some sheets had damaged due to rust and all other roof sheets are slowly rusting. There is a danger of them falling on passengers. This bus stand was constructed under GSUDA funding. The  Urban development Minister was representing Cuncolim and was instrumental in constructing this huge bus stand. Joaquim Alemao wanted to set up a unique and bus stand in Cuncolim. He called a top architect of that time who designed it. GSUDA then handed it over with all the assets to the Kadamba Transport Corporation for maintenance. KTC did not spend a rupee on the project during its construction. KTC got all shops on the bus stand in return it was their duty to maintain it. Unfortunately KTC failed to maintain it. KTC is earning huge amount from the rent and also from bus operators but they are not spending enough for maintenance. It’s utter negligence of KTC which turned Cuncolim bus stand into a shabby structure.  

There is nothing right at this bus stand with the roof leaking, All over the bus stand wild grass has grown. Undisciplined parking is the biggest headache for commuters. People are parking their two wheelers inside the bus stand which puts bus drivers in a miserable situation. The same holds true outside the bus stand too. There are many shops conducting business in the bus and a part of the bus stand has been given to the electricity department. They have dumped their scrap giving the place the look of a junkyard. There is no proper security services on this bus stand especially at night where no security personnel has been deputed to this bus stand. There are complaints from some locals and NGOs who believe the bus stand has been used for wrong purpose. Some parents have even demanded police vigilance at the bus stand. Some locals are demanding installation of CCTV cameras on the bus stand, though the KTC is not very enthusiastic.  

This bus stand was constructed to provide sufficient and safe place for bus operators and commuters but unfortunately the bus operators are not using this bus stand,. Some bus operators do not even enter the bus stand. They are parking their buses on the road which makes the situation worse. There is a need to check on cleanliness. The KTC must pump in more money to maintain this bus stand.

It is not proper to alter any structure which is adopted by an agency . It is learnt the KTC is extending one of the shop illegally without permission from authorized authorities. KTC is constructing a shop out keep as a open place. When contacted, KTC officers refused to comment.

Locals are demanding the repair of the roof of the bus stand and a sorting out of all the affairs to bring in some discipline to ensure smooth functioning. They would also like action to be initiated to stamp out the illegalities.
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