Herald: The curse of the administrative block

The curse of the administrative block

21 Jun 2018 05:43am IST
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21 Jun 2018 05:43am IST

Developmental work at Sanguem has been affected due to administrative reasons and it is hoped that with the return of the CM , the pace will now increase

Successive governments have failed in achieving the desired development  in Sanguem constituency, claimed Sanguem MLA Prasad Gaonkar at a recent press meet at Sanguem. He said that over the last 20 to 25 years the development of Sanguem constituency had remained dormant.

Speaking at a public function today at Sanguem, MLA Gaonkar claimed a  majority of the development works in the constituency proposed by him had been hit due to administrative reasons and GST.

Ever since taking over the reign as the Sanguem MLA, several development projects such as the construction of the Sanguem Hospital, providing  regular water supply to Kurdi Wadem and other villages and other development works have been held up due to administrative blocks. 

However with the return of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar from USA, Gaonkar claimed there to be some good news to the development projects proposed by him. The desired follow up will be done to that effect and the proposed project works will be taken forward, added Gaonkar.

It is pertinent to note here that elected representatives had claimed Sanguem constituency had achieved development progress running into several crores of rupees over the past many years. In reality the outlook of Sanguem constituency which includes the Sanguem town and five village panchayats have remained the same over the years. Except for making the scenario worse  for unemployed youth due to the closure of mining activities, the unemployment figures in Sanguem constituency is increasing by the day. 

The villagers of Curdi Wadem have been crying for regular drinking water supply which has remained unfulfilled till date. Though there has been a move to provide regular drinking water to Kurdi villagers through 5MLD water supply project, the move is presently kept on hold and instead the present MLA has proposed the connecting of new water pipeline to Kurdi Village from Shirvoi via Molcornem.

A list of projects which are in the completion stages but works gets delayed with each passing day includes Sanguem Municipal Council Administrative Building, Rest House of Sanguem Municipal Council, Uguem Village panchayat building, government sports ground at village panchayat of Bhati and Netravali and Dando bridge. The project file for the construction of Ravindra Bhavan at Pajimol Sanguem also stands pending for a long time.

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