Herald: State agencies can have limited effect on narcotics trade: DIG
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State agencies can have limited effect on narcotics trade: DIG

31 Aug 2017 05:34am IST
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31 Aug 2017 05:34am IST

War on drugs needs better coordination and cooperation from agencies across the country, says Goa Police

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PANJIM: Claiming that efforts are being made to wipe out the drug menace from the State, Goa Police finds the need for better coordination and cooperation from agencies across the country to break the ‘organised drug trafficking system’.

“We are fighting with the system, not individual. Drug trafficking is not an individual activity but an organised activity. It is a system which is much more organised. We have to work as a system and need pan-India network, pan-India coordination,” Deputy Inspector General of Police Vimal Gupta told reporters on Monday.

The officer also pointed out to the limitation of an investigation into the NDPS cases explaining that a State Police Department has its jurisdiction unlike a national agency. “We are fighting as a State police and as such, practically we are not able to put pressure on the (drug trafficking) system. We can put temporary crisis after NDPS raids, arrests and seizures but not break the system,” he said replying to a question on why the police were unable to track the origin of drug trade in individual cases.

“It is a worldwide network and it needs to be clamped down. We are nevertheless making every effort, however, there is a need to have coordination and cooperation among the legal agencies. We also need specialised agencies. Society too should come forward,” he added. 

On a whole, the drug trade in the State is generally from Pakistan, Afghanistan and European countries. “To link a particular seizure to a particular market, you need a full trail only then we can put sizeable pressure on the system and make it difficult to operate,” the IPS officer said. 

The officer also believes that competition between central agencies like Narcotics Control Bureau with State agencies hampers investigating the trail of the crime. As such, the department needs coordination between all agencies to jointly act against the drug menace and ‘make Goa drug free’.

The DIG was speaking to the media about the day-long workshop of police officers on dealing with drug related offences. Gupta said the workshop was to refresh mandatory legal provisions, collection of intelligence, raids, arrests of those involved in the drug trade, their prosecution and ensuring conviction. “We have to ensure that the drug trafficker arrested in NDPS cases are convicted,” he added, admitting the need for the seminar was felt after the death of two youths at Anjuna, due to drug overdose. 

The Chief Minister’s Office, Gupta said, is keeping a daily track of the exercises carried out by the department including drug raids. 

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