04 Apr 2020  |   05:27am IST

State not affected by Bird Flu: Goa Poultry Assn

The clarification was issued following the appeal made by the Chief Minister asking the public not to consume chicken due to Bird Flu in other States; The Association, which has argued against it, fears that this can spell doom for the industry that’s already affected by the lockdown
State not affected by Bird Flu: Goa Poultry Assn

Team Herald

PANJIM: Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s appeal to the public not to consume chicken due to Bird Flu, has created much panic and fear in the poultry business sector in the State, who fear, they will be affected badly.

The poultry owners on Friday said if the public goes as per the appeal made by the Chief Minister, then it will spell doom for the industry, which has been reduced to a mere 30 per cent of its size due to the current lockdown.

While addressing a press conference on Thursday, Sawant urged the public not to consume chicken, as the State has banned transportation of chicken to the State due to the cases of bird flu in States like Karnataka and Kerala.

Speaking to reporters, All Goa Poultry Association President Jaikrishna Naik clarified that bird flu was reported during winter season, in those parts of the country, which are not connected to the poultry business in Goa.

He said that most of the poultry owners have their farms in neighbouring parts of Karnataka including Belgaum and Ramnagar.

“These are the areas which are not affected by bird flu. There is no need to create scare about chicken which is sold in Goa,” Naik said.

He added that the CM should have studied the ground realities before making such a statement that would plunge the industry into a deeper crisis. He emphasized that the CM should have consulted them and also some experts like those from Animal Husbandry, to clarify the public’s doubts.

Naik added that before the COVID-19 situation, the State used to sell around 1.20 lakh boilers on a daily basis.

“The sale has taken a major plunge and it is somewhere only 30 per cent,” he said.

Naik further explained that the business was first affected after a fake message, claiming that Coronavirus is spread through chicken, which was circulated across various social media platforms. “Despite the Central government authorities clarifying that there is no scientific study to prove that, people still believed,” he stated.

Naik added that the industry has already been affected after state sealed its borders. “There are several thousand birds which are stuck in Karnataka, which needs to be transported to Goa. The borders are sealed and no truck can ply,” he said.


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