14 Oct 2023  |   06:49am IST

Stranded Goan seafarer returns safely from Iran, family heaves sigh of relief

Third Engineer Govind Suresh Naik from Chicalim, along with 22 other Indian Nationals, was stuck on board the ship named ‘Advantage Sweet’; the vessel was detained by the Iranian Navy in April; all 23 nationals were released on October 9
Stranded Goan seafarer returns safely  from Iran, family heaves sigh of relief


MARGAO: In a matter of great relief to his family, the seafarer, Third Engineer (3E) GovindSuresh Naik from Chicalim, who was stranded on a ship in Iran since April, arrived safely in Goa on Thursday.

It may be recalled that Naik, along with 22 other Indian Nationals was stuck on board the ship named ‘Advantage Sweet’ that had been detained by the Iranian Navy in April. All 23 nationals were released on October 9, 2023.

The Goa Maritime Officers Association (GMOA), a collective organization representing the interests of maritime professionals in Goa, which were following up on this matter with the State and Central Government, met Govind Naik on Friday, at a public space near his residence, to enquire about his health, journey and express solidarity with him following the hard experience Naik had to endure.

Naik shared his gratitude to GMOA and all those who were involved in his safe rescue at this meeting and how happy his family was to finally see him in person in Goa.

“We at GMOA are feeling very happy that our own Goan brother 3E Govind and other Indian Mariners have safely returned to their homes after long detention in Iranian waters,” said Chief Engineer (CE) Larson D’Sa, GMOA Secretary.

It may be recalled that Naik’s family had reached out to GMOA seeking assistance and information regarding the status of the vessel and its crew. Nail’s joining date for the ship was 8th January 2023 and he completed his tenure on board and his delay in returning home had left his family extremely anxious.

GMOA members added that they were relieved that this ‘mission was completed and recalled how they were corresponding with various agencies from September to expedite the release of Naik and the other Indian nationals and to be provided with regular updates, which could be conveyed to Nai’s family.  

“GMOA would like to thank Union Minister of State (MoS) for Ports, Shipping and Waterways Shripad  Naik, Chief Minister of Goa Pramod Sawant, and Commissioner for NRI Affairs Adv Narendra  Sawaikar for the invaluable contributions and support provided by respective offices during tough times to bring home Govind Suresh Naik, along with rest of the Indian Crew,” D’Sa added.

“We would also like to thank Northern Marine Services India Pvt Ltd and other agencies for all their support,” D’Sa added further.

GMOA members also met Union MoS Naik at his residence where they submitted him a letter that thanked him and also detailed what had happened, which included what the shipping company had informed them about Govind’s release.

“We are pleased to share that the crew change on the vessel Advantage Sweet was successfully completed on 09 Oct’23.  As of today, we can confirm that all Indian seafarers (23 Nos) from Vessel Advantage Sweet have been safely repatriated to their respective hometowns in India. There are no Indian Seafarers onboard vessel Advantage Sweet,” read an extract of the confirmation mail from the Shipping company Northern Marine Services (I) Ltd to GMOA stating the release of all Indian crew onboard the ship.


Iddhar Udhar