11 Jul 2024  |   06:56am IST

TTAG demands action against ‘fringe elements’ interfering with app-based taxis and tourists

Claims these hotels are acting under political pressure; cause ‘severe inconvenience’ to tourists, particularly during the ongoing rainy season

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Travel & Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) has raised concern over some hotels in North Goa allegedly obstructing app-based taxi services in the area. According to a statement, the association issued to the media, TTAG claims these hotels are acting under political pressure, causing “severe inconvenience” to tourists, particularly during the ongoing rainy season.

The association reports a surge in such incidents following the recent central elections, highlighting the growing tension between traditional taxi services and app-based platforms. TTAG emphasizes that app-based taxis are “the need of the hour” and asserts that “technology-based digital services are here to stay.”

Questioning the inconsistency in the government's approach, TTAG points out that while tourism stakeholders are being encouraged to use online services on various government platforms and websites, similar support is not extended to app-based taxi services.

The association has “strongly condemned” elements creating obstacles for app-based taxis and inconveniencing tourists during inclement weather. TTAG advocates for customers’ right to choose between online and offline taxi services, insisting they should receive “the best service” regardless of their preference.

Appealing to the State Government under Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, TTAG urges immediate action against what it terms as ‘fringe elements’ interfering with app-based taxis and tourists. The association calls for a ‘strong stand’ from the government to address these obstacles.

TTAG concludes its statement by stressing the need for urgent intervention from both the government and Goa Police to support app-based taxis and tourists, viewing this as crucial for the advancement of Goa's tourism sector in the digital age.


Idhar Udhar