Herald: Taxi operators refuse to join GoaMiles

Taxi operators refuse to join GoaMiles

07 Jun 2019 05:32am IST
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07 Jun 2019 05:32am IST

Threaten agitation till App is scrapped

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ANJUNA: The All Goa Taxi Owners Association (AGTOA) has demanded scrapping of the GoaMiles App and removal of Transport Director Nikhil Desai at a meeting held at the Anjuna panchayat hall on Thursday.

AGTOA President Chetan Kamat said that they are in a traditional business.

“We have only two demands from the government. One is the removal of Nikhil Dessai from the post of Director of Transport and scrapping of the App, GoaMiles. The taxi owners, rickshaw drivers, rent-a-cab operators, black and yellow taxi operators, NGOs and association of motor pilots are supporting us. The CM is asking us to put this GoaMiles taxi App. If we do not get a positive reply from CM, then we will have a meeting and decided the future course of action,” Kamat said.

Yellow and Black Taxi Association President Sunil Naik said that the members of his association have never demanded anything from the government and neither came on the streets to protest. 

“We are running our taxis according to the rates given to us in 2011. We have not said that we cannot run our taxi business or reach the customers. We are available even late night to reach the passengers to their destination. The people who are taking all these decisions are sitting in the AC cabins; they should come out for eight days and drive the taxis and see. We are not going to join this App and we will continue to agitate until the App is scrapped,” Naik said.

The Anjuna-Caisua panchayat had also passed a resolution boycotting the GoaMiles taxis within its jurisdiction.

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